With recent figures showing that new build transactions have grown by 43% in the last year, the UK housing market is seeing a boom in buyer demand for brand new, low maintenance homes.

New build homes are an ideal option for those looking for a high spec home and hassle-free living, reducing the need for DIY or costly repairs. Award-winning housebuilder, Crest Nicholson, shares its top eight ways in which new builds are lower maintenance than older properties.


  1. Say goodbye to DIY – As a country we have a short fuse when it comes to home improvements, with the average Brit spending 37 minutes on a DIY task before giving up and calling in a professional. Thankfully, new build homes are a blank canvas, ready for you to move into and add your own style, with no work needed to repair damage left behind by previous occupants. All Crest Nicholson homes are also decorated using breathable paint, allowing it to stay fresh for longer and reducing moisture.


  1. A warranty on your home – Unlike older properties, Crest Nicholson homes come with the added protection of a warranty. This means, in the case of any unlikely issues once you’ve moved in, you can easily remedy them through the 10-year NHBC or Premier Guarantee New Homes Warranty, providing added peace of mind. You can also speak directly with Crest Nicholson's customer service team for advice on any issues once you've moved into your home.


  1. Brand new appliances – Crest Nicholson’s new build properties come fitted with brand new, energy efficient appliances which are ready to use as soon as you move in, rather than having to repair or replace those left behind by previous occupants.


  1. Insulated for the future – With the climate crisis becoming ever more urgent, the government is encouraging homeowners to retrofit their homes with the latest sustainable features to reduce their impact on the environment. One of the ways this can be done is through better insulation throughout the home, which can lower your energy usage. All Crest Nicholson homes are built with this in mind, and include well insulated walls, roofing, floors, windows and doors. It’s estimated that good insulation can also reduce your energy bills by as much as 20%, halving your home’s emissions in the process.


  1. Low-maintenance gardening –The average Brit spends around 113 hours per year gardening. While some enjoy getting their hands dirty in the garden, this equates to around nine hours per week, which may be difficult for those with a busy lifestyle to keep up with. One of the perks of buying a new build home is that the garden provides a blank space and an opportunity to design it in a way which makes it as low maintenance as your lifestyle requires. This means you can choose plants that require minimal care, or are largely self-sufficient.


  1. Durable materials – Crest Nicholson homes are built to the highest standard, with materials of high specification used throughout. For example, UPVC, a strong, low maintenance and durable plastic, is used for the homes’ guttering, windows, and door frames. Unlike natural materials that need varnishing, repainting, and regular upkeep, UPVC will be nowhere near as impacted by the outdoor elements, giving this material a longer lease of live. This long-term durability means homeowners won’t need to look at replacing these features any time soon.


  1. No boiler worries – Every homeowner’s worst nightmare is having to replace a broken boiler. It’s costly, time-consuming and inconvenient. It’s estimated that getting a new boiler fitted can cost anywhere between £600 to a staggering £2,500. Thankfully, as with the rest of the property, all pre-fitted boilers in Crest Nicholson homes are brand new, of high specification, and are covered under warranty.

    Easy clean features – Brits spend an estimated two years of their lives cleaning their house, with 47% spending more than five hours a week on domestic cleaning tasks. Not only do new builds not require you to clean up after a previous occupant once you’ve moved in, they’re also easier to keep clean and tidy than older properties. In fact, Crest Nicholson’s properties are designed with this in mind and have several features making them easier to clean, including easy clean windows, wipeable paint and laminated work surfaces – making them suited to busy households and families who have less time to clean.


  1. Worry-free security – The security of your home and belongings is always a high priority on homeowner’s minds. Crest Nicholson homeowners can rest assured that their home was built with security in mind, fitted with multi-point locks throughout and UPVC window frames, a safer, more secure alternative to older wooden frames. This means homeowners can sit back and relax knowing they don’t need to retrofit their home with better security features.


To make the most of new builds’ low maintenance benefits, consider Crest Nicholsons’ Highbrook View development in Bristol, which has a show home due to launch in September for prospective buyers to visit. With a range of three and four bedroom homes on offer to secure now, Highbrook View is perfectly suited to busy families looking for a lower maintenance lifestyle. To find out more information about the new build homes on offer at Crest Nicholson, please visit: https://www.crestnicholson.com/.