In the aftermath of the Grenfell Tower tragedy in 2017, the Government and construction sector have been working together to fix legacy fire safety issues and identify any other buildings which may be exposed to potential fire safety risks.

In April 2022, we committed to the industry-wide Building Safety Pledge and subsequently in March 2023, Crest Nicholson signed the Government’s Developer Remediation Contract, confirming our commitment to remediating life-critical fire safety defects in buildings that are over 11 metres in height that we have built since April 1992. We have similarly signed the Welsh Remediation Contract.


We have been working hard to identify all of the buildings that require work under the Developer Remediation Contract. We continue to work with building owners and management companies to carry out investigations and assessments and subsequently to implement remediation works where life-critical safety defects have been identified. We have a significant number of buildings that are in the process of assessment, scoping, design, procurement or remediation.

It is important to note that timescales to go through the multiple stages from assessment to remediation can vary significantly from building-to-building depending on project-specific factors. Our teams are working as swiftly as possible to complete what is required.


Following the industry-wide signing of the Pledge in 2022, some financial providers may consider lending on properties without an EWS1 where a costed and funded remediation scheme is planned and which has committed dates for starting and finishing all required work.

If requested by your lender, please contact us at buildingsafety@crestnicholson.com to obtain a letter. You can then provide this letter to your lenders. It will confirm that we will undertake remedial works in accordance with the Developer Remediation Contract at no cost to leaseholders.


If you are a resident or leaseholder, your managing agent should keep you informed and should always be your first point of contact. However, if you do have any questions or queries for us, please contact us on buildingsafety@crestnicholson.com