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Our business model is centred on our purpose to build great places for our customers, communities and the environment. Supported by our foundations and our strategic priorities, we carefully select our resources and partners to create value for all our stakeholders and for wider society.

Resources and Relationships


  • Experienced, dedicated and motivated employees
  • Robust Safety, Health & Environment processes to keep everyone safe.

Natural and manufactured resources

  • High quality building materials
  • Close monitoring of the energy, water and carbon impacts of our homes.


  • Carefully selected business partners and projects
  • Close relationships with regulatory and industry bodies to support an effective policy response on key issues
  • Relationships with landowners and engagement throughout the development process.


  • Commitment to delivering five-star customer service
  • Focus on customers' needs to ensure first-class service is provided at every stage of the buying process.

Design and innovation

  • Attractive and flexible design of the new house type range to improve quality and operational efficiency
  • Investment in innovative sales and marketing tools
  • Modern technology to support safety, quality and service.

Financial resources

  • Supportive shareholders
  • Robust capital structure and a prudent approach to risk.

Creating Value

Focused divisional businesses

  • Regional housebuilding business focused on local expertise and relationships enabling timely and effective decision making and efficient operations
  • Partnership and Strategic Land division develops long-term relationships to support a multi channel approach and diversity of tenure.


  • Targeted land acquisition against increased hurdle rates while supporting placemaking
  • Building partnerships with local authorities and communities to secure planning permission in a timely manner
  • Holding land under option providing the opportunity to add value and convert into high margin developments.

Design, planning and placemaking

  • New house type range with interior and exterior flexibility
  • Wide range of house sizes and formats to appeal to different buyers
  • Strong placemaking to create a legacy of vibrant communities with a mixture of homes and tenures.


  • Championing best practice in build quality, choice of materials and waste management
  • Functional forums embedding best practice across each division to support safe and efficient delivery
  • Focus on building high quality, energy efficient homes.

Selling our homes

  • Highly trained, passionate sales executives and functional sales outlets delivering the high quality homes and sales experience our customers want
  • Focused marketing channels and specific targeting to reach customers in the most efficient and effective way
  • Partnerships & Strategic Land team bringing forward a range of multi channel tenures including affordable, shared ownership, PRS and large-scale sales.

Quality and customer service

  • Aiming to provide the best possible customer experience throughout the home-buying process
  • Striving for ‘right first time’ in the quality of homes and support and after care.

What makes us Crest Nicholson


Masterplanning and technical skills help us optimise layouts and legacy


Multi channel approach led by dedicated Partnerships and Strategic Land Division


Resilient sustainable business well placed for the medium term


Understanding what buying a new home means for our customers

Value for Stakeholders


First class customer experience with quality products in desirable locations.

As a five-star Home Builders Federation (HBF) rated housebuilder, we take pride in providing a first-class service and after care.


Customer satisfaction rating

14 days

Courtesy home visit from a site manager within 14 days of moving in

Our people

Investing in people to develop a reputation as an employer of choice.

Attracting and retaining the best people and maintaining an environment of respect, fairness and sharing valuable perspectives.

An open and honest culture embracing diversity and inclusion.


Employees at year end


Proportion of female employees

Government and other regulatory bodies

Constant engagement with Government to understand their agenda and to share our expertise and support effective regulation.

We engage with Government and regulatory bodies so that new policies and regulations support developments that respond to UK housing needs, and wider societal issues like climate change.


Affordable homes


Developments with ecological enhancements or protection


Compelling equity case setting out how we realise value from our strong portfolio of assets.

Maintaining a robust balance sheet and ongoing focus on cash generation and growth.

As our updated strategy continues to be embedded in the business, we expect investors to see improved financial performance and returns.


Net cash


Meetings with investors

Local communities

Strong community relationships to create a positive legacy.

We provide attractive communities, infrastructure and create green space that supports nature and people’s wellbeing.


Social infrastructure contributions


Developments with access to sustainable transport initiatives


Being a long term and trusted partner to suppliers.

Our suppliers work with us to address shared challenges and opportunities to deliver projects safely, sustainably and on time, in line with financial targets.

41 days

Average time taken to pay invoices


Annual Injury Incidence Rate

Long-term value for society

We are committed to creating a positive legacy by building quality homes in desirable locations

Our placemaking capabilities and quality land portfolio ensure we create sustainable, thriving communities and better places to live for our customers.

Our mix of homes is informed by the local area. By collaborating with local authorities, we aim to increase accessibility to home ownership for customers with different levels of affordability.

As one of the UK’s larger housebuilders, we have a responsibility to address the shortage of housing in the UK.

We aim to meet the expectations of customers and communities by delivering sustainable places to live that satisfy the need for further housing. We continue to support economic growth and the increase in housing delivery.

We ensure financial discipline across all aspects of our operations to maintain a robust balance sheet, deliver our strategic priorities and invest in the future growth of the Group.

We will continue to report on our results and performance in line with best practice, and to clearly communicate progress against our strategic priorities.

We aim to maintain the right balance of capital returns for shareholders and investment for future growth.