New homes in Derby

We put careful thought into where we build our new homes, aiming to ensure that they are conveniently located near local amenities, have access to green space and are well connected with transport links.

All our new homes in Derby are designed with energy and water efficiency in mind, with efficient appliances as standard, high efficiency heating systems and good levels of insulation providing a modern, attractive home that can contribute towards living a healthy, sustainable lifestyle.

Discover your new home in any of our available new build developments in Derby below.

Discover Your Dream Home in Derby

Derby is a captivating city that effortlessly combines its rich history with a thriving modern atmosphere. Nestled in the heart of England, Derby boasts a diverse range of attractions, green spaces and excellent transport links. 

History of Derby

History enthusiasts will enjoy Derby’s fascinating past. With roots dating back to Roman times, the city has played a significant role in shaping England’s industrial heritage. As the birthplace of the factory system during the Industrial Revolution, Derby showcases its historical significance through iconic landmarks and museums. 

Delve into the city’s interesting past at the Derby Museum and Art Gallery, which is home to a range of art, artefacts and interactive exhibits that bring the history to life. Those living in our properties in Derby can also step back in time at the Pickford’s House Museum where they can get a glimpse of the upper class of the 18th century. 

Parks in Derby

Derby’s charm extends beyond its history and those who have houses in Derby can enjoy a variety of beautiful green spaces. A must-visit destination in the city is the expansive Markeaton Park, a picturesque parkland featuring a lake, formal gardens, children’s play areas and sports facilities. It is the perfect location for a picnic, a leisurely walk or an outing for the whole family. 

Those who enjoy an outdoor adventure should visit Allestree Park which boasts scenic woodland walks, a golf course and idyllic views around the surrounding countryside. 

Things to do in Derby 

Derby offers a remarkable quality of life, giving locals an array of artistic and entertainment venues to explore. Voted Britain’s ‘Best City Location’, The Cathedral Quarter, is a thriving hub of shops, cafes and restaurants and hosts a range of events throughout the year. 

Theatre lovers can catch a captivating performance at the Derby Theatre, which showcases a diverse range of shows including drama, comedy and musicals. The QUAD, which is a cutting-arts venue, has a dynamic program of films, exhibitions and live performances which cater to every taste. 

Transport links in Derby

Derby’s excellent transport links make it easy to access the city and further afield. The well-connected train station provides regular services to major cities, such as Birmingham, London, Manchester and Nottingham. Nearby East Midlands Airport offers a range of domestic and international flights, connecting Derby to destinations around the world. 

Within the city, a comprehensive bus network ensures convenient transportation across nearby neighbourhoods and must-visit destinations. 

Living in Derby means experiencing a harmonious blend of history, green spaces, cultural richness and great transport links. If you’re ready to embrace the character of this remarkable city, check out our range of available houses to buy in Derby above.