Energy Efficient Homes

You could save up to £3,100 per year on your energy bills when you buy new.*

Crest Nicholson is proud to build high quality, energy efficient homes.

A report from the Home Builders Federation found that new build homes significantly reduce household’s energy usage.

The average new build home used approximately 62% less energy per m2 compared to older homes. With energy prices increasing again in July 2023, this will mean a new build home will save on average £2,500 a year in energy bills, and this rises to over £3,100 a year when looking at new build houses alone*.

Designed with comfort in mind, so that you’re warm even when the temperatures drop.

Built with carefully selected high-quality materials, our new homes are thermally efficient and feature the latest energy and water saving appliances. This means they have lower running costs compared to older homes, great news for the environment and your bank account. We also consider the environmental impact of the materials used to build our homes and use local suppliers where possible.

Our energy efficient homes offer:

  • Highly thermally efficient insulation in the walls, floor and roof
  • Low energy appliances and lighting, and areas which maximise natural light
  • Water and energy efficient appliances
  • Good ventilation and design

Building great places for our customers, the community and the environment

At Crest Nicholson we strive to create a sense of community within our developments by adding parks, play areas, and other features for the benefit of all who live there. Find out more here.

*Indicative figures, based on HBF "Watt a Save" report, published February 2023