Stamp Duty is the tax (SDLT), charged by the government, which you pay on completion of the purchase of your new home. It’s important to factor this cost in when purchasing a new home. To help you do the calculation we have created a handy tool to do the hard work for you.

How it works

Much like income tax rather than paying a fixed percentage dependent on the total sale price of the property, the percentage of stamp duty will only be applied on the portion of the property price in specific brackets.

If you are buying a second home or a buy to let property there is an additional 3% charge on each bracket. Don't forget you can offset the additional 3% charge against Capital Gains Tax liability when you sell. To learn more, ask our Sales Executives to suggest an Independent Financial Advisor.

How it works - first-time buyers

If you are a first- time buyer purchasing a property up to £425,000 you are not required to pay Stamp Duty. If you are a first-time buyer purchasing a property up to £625,000, you can still benefit as you won't pay Stamp Duty on the first £425,000. If you are purchasing a property over £625,000, you follow the rules for people who have bought a home before.

Stamp Duty Land Tax Calculator

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