Our purpose is to build great places for our customers, communities and the environment. We invest in placemaking, delivering attractive homes and incorporating sustainable and energy-efficient features in our developments. We strive to make a positive difference to people’s lives.

Our approach

Sustainability is one of our four strategic foundations. It remains at the core of our Group’s purpose to build great places for our customers, communities and the environment.

Our sustainability strategy is built around three overarching priorities, encompassing the multi-faceted nature of sustainability:

Protect the environment

We are committed to reducing our climate impact, preserving biodiversity, minimising waste and conserving natural resources.

Make a positive impact on our communities

We actively seek opportunities to make a positive impact on the communities in which we operate. This includes providing attractive, high quality new homes and investing in infrastructure that delivers lasting benefits to communities.

Operate responsibly

We operate our business with integrity by upholding high ethical standards. We champion our people and prioritise the health, safety and welfare of everyone who comes into contact with our operations.


Effective governance plays a pivotal role in driving improvements in sustainability performance. Our commitment to responsible operations starts at the highest level of our organisation with Board oversight of the sustainability strategy and objectives. The evolution of our strategy and integration within the Group is guided by our Sustainability Committee, which operates with delegated authority from the Board and Executive Committee. In FY23 the Sustainability Committee, chaired by our Chief Executive, met four times. Further details on our governance structure can be found on our Corporate Governance page.

Stakeholder engagement

Recognising the ever-evolving landscape of environmental and social challenges, we are committed to regularly engaging with our stakeholders. This dialogue allows us to continually review and respond to concerns, helping us address material issues and anticipate potential sustainability-related risks and opportunities. For more details on what matters most to our stakeholders and our engagement with them, see pages 16 to 19 of our Annual Report 2023.