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Sustainability at Crest Nicholson


Sustainability is integrated and embedded into core business strategy.

Inspiring a legacy of enduring value to communities, to the built environment, to our partners and to the business.

Crest Nicholson believes that an integrated sustainability strategy can be harnessed to drive innovation as well as yield economic and reputational success 

This requires a continual focus to integrate and balance the three pillars of social, economic and environmental sustainability to deliver a legacy of enduring value to communities, to the built environment and to the business.

To find out more please view our latest reports below:

Summary Report

The 2015 Integrated Summary report provides digestible view of business milestones achieved, areas of focus and insight into the business strategy.

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Annual Integrated Report

The 2014 report is our first Integrated Report. It describes an approach that seeks to balance financial and non- financial factors in decision making. Driving the economic growth and delivering value, while creating a social and environmental legacy to be proud of.

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A sustainable approach means balancing our impacts in our every day decision making

Profitable Growth

Our business model emphasises customer-led design and sustainability which underpins long-term value creation.

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Respect for our Environment

We aim to minimise our impact on the environment and look for ways to enhance local biodiversity and enable more sustainable lifestyle choices for our customers.

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Customers and Communities

We design quality and sustainability into our new homes and their surroundings, and deliver an excellent service from start to finish.

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Embedding Sustainability in our Development Process

We focus on our customers at every stage of our process. This is reflected in the Crest Difference: Excellence in design and delivery and a continuing commitment to sustainability which is embedded in every step.

Acquiring Land
  • Risk assessment of potential sites
  • Assessing environmental constraints, socio-economic factors and site history
  • Securing land at the right price and on the right terms to deliver sustainable communities
Planning and Design
  • Developing a shared vision with partners and stakeholders that has long-term value creation at its heart
  • Learning from customer feedback and systematic research for the innovation design of future homes, to reduce waste and carbon emission and optimise customer satisfaction 
  • Designing the public realm (streets, pathways, green spaces) and amenities to create quality, sustainable places
  • Gearing our design processes towards minimising resource use, reducing embodied energy and eliminating waste
  • Ensuring products and services deliver quality, value and sustainability
  • Working with our suppliers to encourage innovation and eliminate waste
  • Implementing our Sustainable Procurement Policy consistently across our supply chain
  • Managing our sites safely and efficiently and acting as a responsible neighbour
  • Being efficient with time and materials
  • Creating high-quality construction with positive impacts for local neighbourhoods
Sales, Marketing and Customer Services
  • Understanding our customers’ needs and ensuring excellent customer service
  • Strengthening communications and increasing our customers' understanding of the benefits of a sustainable home and sustainable lifestyle choices
  • Ongoing development of knowledgeable, motivated sales and customer service staff
Legacy and Long-Term Stewardship
  • Quality design and place-making for the long-term
  • Contributing to local public infrastructure and amenities
  • Developing long-term management strategies to maintain buildings and the public realm
  • Understanding how our new homes perform once they are built and occupied
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