Article image Moving down from the North West to Bath with her husband about four years ago was a big change of scene for Amie Mucha-Kruczynska.

A postdoc at Lancaster University, Amie’s husband Marcin was offered a new post at Bath University in the physics department resulting in the couple moving to the world heritage city.

Originally the couple rented an apartment in a Georgian townhouse on Pulteney Street where they were able to explore all that the city had to offer.

No sooner had the couple arrived they quickly fell in love with the architecture that has made Bath famous across the world and with loads to see and do, the couple soon immersed themselves in the culture and atmosphere of Bath while making the most of the convenient location of their central pad.

However, much as they liked the period properties made famous by architects Ralph Allen and John Wood back in the 18th Century, according to Amie, they come with their own set of problems.

So when the couple decided it was time to buy, they wanted to move into somewhere new and started looking at the various new developments being built at the time. Wanting something relatively central and also convenient for Marcin to get to work, the couple soon came across Bath Riverside.

Located on the south side of the River Avon and a 10 minute stroll into the centre of the city, it offered a range of properties ideal for what they were looking for.

As a result the couple bought a three-bedroom apartment in the Palladian building about two years ago and have been loving the lifestyle as well as their home ever since.

Amie said: “Looking around at the time a lot of the properties for sale at the other developments were just too small for what we wanted. Also, we wanted to be within walking distance of the city centre and although there were lots of properties for sale, their age was a big stumbling block for us.

“It’s not that we didn’t like the style, more the fact that because they are old would bring a host of maintenance considerations, were a bit draughty and didn’t have much parking.

“So when we looked around Bath Riverside the style, the size of properties and location were just what we were looking for. For us it really paid dividends to buy new and in comparison to the apartment we rented was so much nicer.”

Loving the location of their new home and the lifestyle it gave them, the arrival of a baby girl in September has now meant Amie and Marcin are thinking about another move. And because they love Bath Riverside so much, they are thinking about upgrading into one of the new townhouses currently being built.

Amie added: “We’re thrilled with the new addition to the family and made us start thinking about a possible upgrade to a slightly bigger property. My mum often helps out with the babysitting and with all the new stuff that comes with a young baby, means we are getting a little squashed. Plus I need space for all my shoes!

“We were very happy with the Crest Nicholson team and had noticed the new townhouses being built.”

With plans to also start up her own bespoke stationary business, the busy mum also wants some extra space to get her fledgling enterprise off the ground.

She added: “We love our apartment but with plans to start my own business, our new baby and needing a room for when my mum pops over to baby sit, we think we might a bit of extra space.

“The townhouses at Bath Riverside are just stunning, plus because they are new solves the many issues that comes with something a little older.

“Marcus and Fran in the sales office are keeping us up-to-date on progress and we’ll see how things develop.”

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