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With conventional investments such as ISAs, pension funds, bank and building society accounts continuing to produce disappointingly low returns, expert opinion suggests that a far more attractive return is offered by investing in property – and in particular new-build properties.

With an increase in the proportion of UK households now renting their homes leading to an average rise in rental levels of 13.6% in the past four years and a further 2% growth forecast for this year, it makes the summer of 2013 an excellent time for those with money to invest to consider buying to let.

Susan Young, sales and marketing director at Crest Nicholson said: “The past few months have certainly seen increased activity from property investors who have recognised that the sector is very much on the road to recovery.

“We have calculated that, in the current market, investors can expect a potential return of between 4 per cent to 5 per cent* on a one-bedroom apartment at Bath Riverside so striking now would mean getting the most for your investment not only in potential equity but also rental returns.”

For those considering investing in property at the prestigious development a number of one-bedroom apartments have recently come onto the market and present an ideal vehicle for those wanting to generate a decent return.

Located in the Highgate building it forms part of the Liberty Gardens phase.

Susan added: “There are many reasons why someone who is interested in investing in property might choose to look at a new building, rather than an older one. The most obvious is that they can expect there to be virtually no initial maintenance costs - always a tremendous benefit for a landlord.

“Also, the first impression made on potential tenants of an immaculate new building is likely to be very favourable.

“Properties at Riverside tick a lot of boxes for those looking to rent in the city. Being within easy walking distance to the city centre is ideal for those who work nearby. For those who might work further afield, the train station is also close by.

“Those who live here also have the advantage of having everything right on their doorstep.

“There is no other development in Bath like Riverside. Not only that there is no other development that is in such a convenient location which can offer properties that are located right on the water’s edge of the River Avon.

“These are just some of the reasons why Riverside has proved so popular to investors and why anyone who’s thinking about investing need to get in touch now.”

For further information please call 0845 8945 888 or visit The marketing suite on Victoria Bridge Road is open daily from 10 am to 5pm.

* Based on current valuations