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Extending the trend for compact exteriors and spacious interiors is award-winning house builder Crest Nicholson’s Rowan Park development in Mitcham.

While Rowan Park’s family homes are fundamentally townhouses in design, they also offer a new spin on an old classic, with smart features that work symbiotically to maximise internal layouts.

Arranged over three storeys, the internal living accommodation within the townhouses extends to almost 1600 square feet at its maximum, with each room spanning the full 16 ft width of the house. Facilitated by space-saving measures such as central stairwells that double up as hallways and landings, architects have dispensed with vestibules to ensure that interiors can be dedicated to practical living accommodation rather than wasted on connecting corridors.

Offering flexible living solutions is at the core of ensuring that a property feels both spacious yet tailored to the home owner’s needs, which is where the intelligent architectural innovation at Rowan Park is truly unique. Each townhouse has been designed as open plan to allow residents to determine whether they want to partition the interiors. With the external structure of the house bearing the weight of the house exclusively, internal walls can be removed or repositioned depending on the preference of the home owner.

Additionally, rather than encountering a lobby area on entering the townhouses, the entrance leads straight into the substantial living room, providing an immediate perception of space, further enhancing the capacious internal feel.

Delivering open-plan living areas is a further device through which internal space can be maximised, and the kitchen / dining areas at Rowan Park demonstrate this. With fully fitted kitchens and ample room to accommodate a ten-seater dining table, the area feels expansive regardless of whether it is being used for a cosy family supper or for an extravagant dinner party. Furthermore, such uninterrupted layouts ensure that parents can keep an eye on their children whether they are sitting at the table or playing in the garden, while hosts can showcase their culinary skills while simultaneously remaining attentive to their guests.

Of course optimising internal areas doesn’t just generate practical results, as the stylish bay windows that characterise the front elevations at Rowan Park illustrate. Not only do the bay windows provide additional square footage across the ground and first floors, but they also provide the basis for a second storey terrace, which in turn maximises the extent of private outdoor space that each property offers.

A pivotal characteristic across the houses at Rowan Park is maximum glazing, with floor to ceiling windows illuminating many of the interiors. Additionally, the clerestory windows, which are taller than eye level, reveal the skyline, in turn maximising the through-flow of natural light and enhancing the generous room sizes.

With taller than average height ceilings that extend to 2.5m, a sense of expansiveness resonates throughout each and every room, while the double doors that open onto the garden from the kitchen / dining room, the outside figures as an extension of the internal living accommodation and effectively brings the outside in.

Christine Tiernan, Sales and Marketing Director at Crest Nicholson South, commented: “With square footage at such a premium across London, it’s more important than ever that the homes we deliver to our house buyers maximise the internal living accommodation.

“While we are able to offer home owners flexible internal layouts and moveable partition walls, we have remained committed to ensuring that the external shell of each property is both stylish and practical, and works symbiotically to enhance the property’s interiors.”

Four-bedroom homes are available from £445,950 or £356,760 with Help to Buy. For further details, please contact the sales and marketing suite on 0870 750 8403.