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Milko Georgiev moved to the UK four years ago and has found a home away from home with his family at Waterman’s View in Arborfield Green, where his four-bed boasts beautiful French windows and plenty of light.

“In many ways the floor plan and structure reminds me of homes on the continent, where the houses are generally a lot more spacious and allow a lot more light in”, said Milko.

He certainly wasted no time looking for a home in Arborfield, and on his motivations for the move said it was a combination of beautiful countryside and great infrastructure, with the M3 and M4 both close by.

Milko works as a Training Manager in Corporate Training at an IT company, internally training his company in technical skills, sales skills and professional skills. With his office based in Farnborough, work is a 35-minute commute away, though sometimes he opts to work from home. And when all the homes at Waterman’s View are designed with consideration of working from home in mind, it’s a logical choice!

Milko said it was “love at first sight” when he went for a viewing at Waterman’s View in Arborfield Green.  He said he and his wife had viewed seven developments, but that he knew straight away that Arborfield Green was “the one.”

“I initially missed the appointment”, said Milko, but when his wife said “you have to see it”, he knew it was time to pay it a visit.

Beyond the beautiful countryside and great infrastructure, Milko lists great internet speed and a good study as key selling points. The father of a young family, the fact that Milko’s home is next to a well-equipped playground and near to Hazebrook Meeadow, a new 35 acre landscaped park, is just an added bonus.  

Nature is everywhere at Arborfield Green, the garden village has 2.5km of new bridleways, 95 acres of natural and semi-natural greenspace, and 6 acres of allotments and community gardens.

Waterman’s View at Arborfield Green now only has a couple of 3 bedroom houses and one 2-bedroom waterside apartment left to sell before moving onto the next phase, Barkham Place.

For more information, please visit: or call the sales team directly on 01184024768