Article image It’s been over a decade since Crest Nicholson started work on Bath Riverside and what is one of the largest and most exciting regeneration projects in the UK.

Since then, nearly 700 properties have been built and when complete will have provided over 2,000 much needed new homes for people looking for somewhere new to live in close proximity to the centre of the world heritage city.

Now an integral part of the Bath city scene, the more recent Royal View phase has won a multitude of plaudits with its curved design and stunning central atrium.

Managing Director Alastair McKee of One 77 Mortgages has seen first-hand the remarkable transformation of the development from the derelict wasteland of the former Stothert & Pitt Engineers and Founders to what has become a multi-award winning residential quarter better suited for the needs of a modern Bath.

Advising numerous house hunters on buying at the development, Alastair has an intimate knowledge of the development. And being so impressed by the quality of properties on offer resulted in Alastair buying his own city-centre pad as an investment during early construction.

He said: “Bath Riverside is a very impressive site and the build quality and location all add up to an attractive proposition – not only for investors but for those who want to move here. For me is was about investing in mine and my families future, almost another pension pot. 

“There are a number of factors that sets Bath Riverside apart and is why it appeals to people wanting to live here. It’s very close to the city-centre so residents can easily walk to work, the shops or to catch a train.

“The specification is also of a very good quality and because the properties are new means there is very little to do as a landlord. For owner occupiers moving into a new house means they can make their mark from a completely blank canvass.

“Working in the property sector, I have a sound knowledge of what is currently on the market. From my own personal perspective I wanted something that would not only prove attractive to potential tenants, but give a decent capital appreciation over time. 

“I suppose that having bought a property at Bath Riverside proves I have faith in the product I’m often advising on which, judging by recent sales shows that people like what they are seeing.”

“Royal View has particularly caught the imagination of buyers and is an impressive sight sitting on the banks of the river. With only a handful left on this phase we’re expecting to provide some sound advice to those keen on securing a property in a very unique building.”

With availability in Royal View fast running out has meant the Bath Riverside sales team has started preparations for the imminent release of Sovereign Point, the sister building to Royal View which is located a little further down the banks of the river.

Alastair added: “Bath Riverside has been and is a great asset for the city of Bath. It’s completely transformed the western banks of the river. The public space has opened up areas that were previously no go areas and it’s fantastic to see it progressing so well.

“I’ve no doubt Sovereign Point will prove to be just as popular as Royal View and will look forward to helping buyers secure the home of their dreams over the coming months.” Back