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Choosing a new place to live can be a daunting experience, as Craig can attest to. While he knew he wanted to stay in Crawley thanks to its proximity to Gatwick, where he’s based as a TUI cabin crew member, choosing the right home wasn’t an easy decision. However, once he heard about The Apex Apartments, he knew it was the right fit for him and his pet dog Barclay.

After a break-up, Craig needed to find a new place to live and decided it was the right time to buy a place for himself to start a new life. Craig had a very clear vision of what he wanted from his new home, including high ceilings and a south-facing living room to enjoy natural light.

After visiting numerous places in Crawley, all he was finding within his budget was around 420 square feet, which felt too small to enjoy. Around the same time he saw the billboards for The Apex Apartments which peaked his interest in the development.

After a single meeting with the sales team at The Apex Apartments, Craig knew it was the right fit. He chose a ground floor apartment with a terrace, which matched his requirements to a tee, with high-ceilings and being south-facing. Huge bonus, it was 640 square feet and within his budget.

“The second I saw the plans and the exciting development layout for the apartment I knew it was the one” said Craig. “Crawley is a great place for me to live thanks to the proximity to work and the fun bars and restaurants to go to with my friends. A huge benefit for me is that I no longer need to drive to go into town, I can walk everywhere, which Barclay is particularly excited about as it means more walks for him!

“Being able to use Help-to-Buy by putting down just 5% deposit and the huge benefits of a 20% interest free loan for five years at Apex Apartments was also a huge help, as I wouldn’t have been able to afford to buy without it. The whole experience of buying at Apex Apartments has been great, there has been support every step of the way and its made my life a lot easier. I can’t wait to move in when the apartment is finalised in April!”

Marcus Evans, Sales & Marketing Director at Crest Nicholson: “Help-to-buy has been successful in getting more young people, just like Craig, on the property ladder and allowed them to afford their home. The Apex Apartments are the perfect place for young or first-time buyers who want to enjoy London, especially as all of the apartments are eligible for free stamp duty for first time buyers.” Crest Nicholson are also matching the stamp duty saving by giving a further cash incentive to the same value!

The Apex Apartments are selling fast, don’t miss out and reach out to the sales team for more information on 01293 977970. There are still 1 and 2 bedrooms available from £199,000.