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While we don’t have any haunted houses, Oakgrove Village in Milton Keynes, is home to a number of spooky local residents …. Bats!

The Park Trust organises bat walks for residents of Oakgrove Village, where families and residents go for walks equipped with bat detectors to find the furry flying residents. The detectors convert the ultrasound echolocation that bats use to navigate through the darkness into sound, to help residents find them.

 The tunnels, bridges, aqueducts and countryside in Milton Keynes are home to a variety of bats. Some of the most common bat species in the area include: Pipistrelle Bats, Daubenton Bats, Natterer Bats, Serotine Bats, Whiskered Bats, Noctule Bats, Greater Horseshoe Bat and Barbastrelle Bat.

Find out more about life in Oakgrove Village by calling 01908 479020.