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A brand new art installation has been unveiled at Crest Nicholson’s forthcoming Finberry development in Ashford, signifying the site’s imminent launch.

Commissioned by revered artist Bruce Williams, the artwork represents a flock of geese in flight. Visible in both directions from Bad Munstereifel Road, which is adjacent to Finberry, the installation provides an identity for the development and is set to become a recognisable landmark in the local area.

Each goose extends to 9 metres in height, with the flock extending to 13 metres in width, and is made from laser-cut steel. The exterior of each goose consists of two layers, with the under layer providing the generic colouring of the birds and the upper layer coated in black, creating a striped effect reminiscent of the black and white Tudor facades for which Kent is famous.

Celebrating the iconic birds that inhabit Kent’s waterways, the geese also symbolise the desirable habitat that Finberry will offer to local wildlife with its lush greenery, woodlands and forthcoming ponds that will be located throughout the development.

Additionally, the entrance to the development is flanked by two further pieces of public art, which have also been installed recently. Comprising two black steel panels on either side of a plain brick structure, the contrast between the materials generates an image of two swans floating on smooth dark waters, creating a sense of calm and homecoming when residents drive into the development.

In contrast, when residents depart from the development, the installation displays a computer generated image of rippling water, again conveying a sense of tranquillity. Both the swans and rippling water are visible at night with gentle lighting.

John Terry, Managing Director at Crest Nicholson Communities, comments: “As developers, we build more than just houses, but communities as well. As such, features such as the new public art at Finberry are crucial in creating an identity for that community, creating icons and landmarks that are instantly recognisable for the local area.

“Finberry’s installations draw on key facets of Kent’s heritage, notably the birdlife that is synonymous with the county’s open plains and the Tudor heritage that is evident in the local architecture, ensuring that the development absorbs a sense of the county’s identity.

“We’ve always regarded the art installation as a milestone that signifies the imminent launch of Finberry, and are delighted with the final result.”

Bruce Williams, the artist behind the new installations at Finberry, explains: “The geese and swan sculptures aim to capture and celebrate the natural beauty that surrounds the new village.

“Bringing an atmosphere to Finberry, and a sense of ‘home’ that is shared with nature and the local environment, the sculptures will become important to a whole new generation of children growing up in at the development.”

The first phase of Finberry, Stour Meadows, is scheduled to launch in early summer. Comprising an eclectic selection of 140 traditionally designed two and three-bedroom cottages and four-bedroom family homes set along tree-lined boulevards, a variety of house-types will be available, creating diverse, characterful streetscapes.

Residents at Finberry will be able to enjoy acres of open countryside bordering the development, as well as three beautiful ornamental water meadows and plenty of landscaped open space within the new village. Captain’s Wood, an area designated as ancient woodland, will also exist centrally, offering residents the unique opportunity to live amongst an area rich in ecology.

For further information or to register your interest visit: or telephone: 01233 223 133.