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As a member of the UK Green Building Council (UK-GBC), Crest Nicholson has announced its early adoption of a new member commitment statement reflecting UK-GBC’s stated vision to create “a built environment that enables a high quality of life for people, within limits our planet can support.”  

As part of its contribution to UK-GBC, Crest Nicholson has committed to: 

    •   Champion UK-GBC'S vision by integrating sustainability into its business operations;

    •   Demonstrate its commitment by leading and advocating practices that are environmentally responsible, ethical and fair;

    •   Be open and transparent about its progress and share best practice with others,

The new member commitment statement replaces the earlier statement members sign up to on first joining UK-GBC. The key difference with the new statement is that over the next three years members will be asked to share and demonstrate the positive ways in which they are meeting their pledge.  

As Stephen Stone, Chief Executive of Crest Nicholson, said: “Sustainability lies at the very heart of our business model. Explicitly pledging our commitment in this way is testament to the level of importance we place on operating in a more environmentally conscious way across all of our operations, and I have no doubt that over the next three years we will continue to make even greater inroads towards delivering an environmentally sustainable future.”