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Crest Nicholson has partnered with The Town & Country Planning Association (TCPA) to launch a new “myth-buster”, which will address the most common myths about Garden Cities and explain the opportunity Garden Cities provide as part of the solution to meeting the nation’s housing need.  

The myth-buster, which addresses the need for more housing through the creation of a new generation of well-designed, inclusive communities, was launched to coincide with the political party autumn conferences season. It will seek to address what Garden City Principles mean in the 21st century, and explore how they form an essential part of the portfolio of solutions to the country’s escalating housing crisis. 

Chris Tinker, Executive Board Director at Crest Nicholson said:

“Well designed Garden Cities create great places to live, are underpinned by affordable Community owned management structures and have delivered enduring value to residents and employers alike.

“In our experience the underlying principles and aspirations of Garden Cities are welcomed by local people who, in the absence of quality, community focused frameworks for development, instinctively fear characterless urban and sub-urban sprawl. The principles are equally applicable to our greenfield and brownfield developments and work at many scales and densities.

“Crest Nicholson has therefore joined with the TCPA at this key juncture in the housing debate to produce this myth buster and to help frame a positive dialogue as to how existing communities can be encouraged to plan for and accept new developments of scale which will both add value and endure.”

The Myth Buster can be downloaded from