Article image Having seen the quality of his friend’s new Bath apartment was evidence enough for one house hunter to then buy for himself at the city’s newest property development.

Gary Temprell, who originally comes from Bath, was so impressed he has not only purchased a studio at Crest Nicholson’s Bath Riverside as an investment but sold his three-bedroom Georgian house and moved into a brand new one-bedroom apartment.

Having lived in London for the last five years, Gary was visiting a friend who had just moved into one of the shared ownership properties.

Able to see first-hand the quality of the build and specification he realised the potential of investing in a property at what has already turned out to be a very popular place to live.

Although Gary was living in London at the time he was soon the proud owner of a stylish studio, one of the first properties to be finished on site.

Gary said: “When I visited my friend and saw for myself the quality of his new home I knew then that Bath Riverside was going to be an impressive development.

“I immediately made enquiries and had soon reserved one of the studios which I thought would give me a good return. Two weeks after I had exchanged the property was occupied and is a good indication of the development’s popularity.

“There are a number of factors that set Bath Riverside apart and is why it appeals to people wanting to live here. It’s very close to the city-centre and also the Royal United Hospital so is great for people who work in and around the area.”

Not long after Gary had secured his studio, he moved back from the capital to his three-bedroom period home. But the knowledge that down the road, brand new properties were on the market was too much for Gary who made the decision to sell up and move to the development himself.

Gary added: “Once I had moved back into my period property I soon realised that I wanted to move to Bath Riverside. Period properties do have lots of lovely features however they are more often than not very drafty which means they are expensive to run. Also I wasn’t really using the space I had to the full.

“The fact that someone else was enjoying the trappings of my studio apartment made me think that I wanted to move to the development myself.”

Gary then waited for the right property to come onto the market and six months later noticed one that was the right size.

Without a moment to lose, Gary visited the sales and marketing team and secured a one-bedroom apartment. He is now happily settled in and enjoying the lifestyle of living in his brand new, city-centre pad.

Gary added: “I’m just loving my new home. It’s convenient, cheap to run, has no maintenance and in a brilliant location. I can walk to the city centre along the tow path and enjoy all that Bath has to offer including the many restaurants and bars.

“I do also like the design of the development. It’s in keeping with the city of Bath but has a modern take of the classic design. And because it’s a new build means an easy life which is a far cry from when I was living in my previous house.

“The building is also looked after by a reputable management company which means anything that needs sorting in the communal areas is done with no hassle. I couldn’t recommend Bath Riverside enough.”

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