Article image Continued completions at Bath’s leading new property development will help house hunters – particularly first time buyers – secure the required mortgage to buy their dream home.

Fears that the referendum vote to leave the EU would lead to a slowing down in the house building sector has not impacted progress at Crest Nichsolson’s Bath Riverside, where demand for the selection of apartments, townhouses and penthouses has meant, if anything, an acceleration in the build programme.

Those now applying for a mortgage can use this information to satisfy risk adverse lenders that Bath Riverside is the real deal when it comes to releasing the purse strings bolstered by the fact that interest rates have now been set at an all-time low.

Mary Timlin, sales and marketing director at Crest Nicholson Regeneration said: “Understandably lenders are more reluctant to release funds on developments or projects that aren’t yet out of the ground.

“Fortunately at Bath Riverside we have some properties that are ready for an immediate occupation or are close to completion so makes it infinitely easier to get a loan approved.

“The steady stream of properties that are available to buy is set to continue and is good news for house hunters wanting to live in Bath.

“It’s also good news for those who have already made arrangements for their mortgage and means they won’t have to reapply because there has been a delay in the build work.”

Current availability at the development includes a selection of two-bedroom, two-bathroom apartments. Located in the Alexandra House phase, they will be the last apartments available for at least two years at the development – so the need to act now couldn’t be more urgent.

On top of a host of aesthetic reasons, Bath Riverside ticks a lot of boxes for discerning house hunters wanting to put down their roots in the world heritage city.

The developments proximity to Bath city-centre means residents can stroll along the pedestrian tow path to enjoy the many shops, bars, theatres and restaurants while those needing to catch a train can do so from Bath Spa station.

Improvements to the main line also means London will become a lot closer making it more commutable for those who need to travel to the capital for business.

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