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With UK families facing an average £118 rise in energy bills* this year, the cost of heating the home has been highlighted as the top household worry for 90 per cent** of Britons. This is not surprising in light of the fact that the cost of household energy has risen seven times faster than household income since 2004**. 

For residents buying one of the stunning homes built by Crest Nicholson at its Rosewood development, on Mill Road in Colchester, energy savings will be easy to make, thanks to the eco-friendly design and construction of the properties.

Research shows that residents at Rosewood could save approximately 75% on annual fuel costs in a four-bedroom detached house at Rosewood compared to the same form house built in the 1970s***.

Annette Cole, Sales and Marketing Director, Crest Nicholson Eastern, comments: “The rising cost of energy bills is a key concern for homeowners, especially now nights have started to draw in and autumn is upon us. Residents at Rosewood need not worry, however, as they can benefit from significantly lower running costs, as well as a reduction in their carbon footprint, thanks to the fact that every property at Rosewood has been built to Level 4 specification in the Code for Sustainable Homes.

“This means that every home comes equipped with a range of environmentally features, including more efficient heating systems, a cheaper rate of electricity with dual rate meters and all installed lighting is low energy. The technology is simple and easy to use but residents will really notice the impact it has when they receive their energy bills.”

The homes at Rosewood adhere to guidelines set by the Homes & Communities Agency (HCA) to design energy efficient homes for life. As well as using carbon-neutral construction materials, every component of the homes is rated to measure how it transmits heat energy. Windows are triple glazed and all external walls, the roof and floors are insulated in excess of the requirements currently demanded by Building Regulations.

Solar photovoltaic (PV) panels are installed on the roof enabling residents to benefit from the “Feed-in-Tariff” which rewards residents for the amount of energy generated. An average three-bedroom home will earn its owner around £500 pa by generating its own solar energy, on top of a possible reduction of approximately £140 from the household energy bill****.

Internally, Gas Saver Units are fitted to central heating boilers, enabling the re-use of redundant heat from flue gases and dual zone heating control systems enable residents to independently adjust the temperature of homes on the ground and first floors so that heat is not wasted where it’s not needed. A Shower Heat Recovery Unit also enables residents to save on average a third of hot water costs as the system requires a third less heat from the hot water supply. Furthermore, an Inline water meter is fitted in every home, which allows residents to monitor water usage and ensure bills from suppliers are completely correct. All of this clever technology means much lower energy bills for residents.

Rosewood, situated in Mill Road, Colchester, will set a new standard for design and sustainability within the Colchester area and comprises 248 new homes styled in a traditional village setting and showcases a stunning blend of contemporary and traditional architecture. Externally the properties showcase extensive glazing and feature smart yellow-brick work combined with softly coloured render and sharply pitched roofs. Internally the living spaces are light and bright thanks to the large windows, high ceilings and room sizes which are larger than many new and second hand homes.

Prices for current availability at Rosewood start from £250,000 for a three-bedroom house and from £315,000 for a four-bedroom house. For more information, please contact the Sales & Marketing Suite, open daily 10am-5pm and until 7pm on Thursday, at Rosewood, Mill Road, Colchester, Essex CO4 5QH on 0845 521 1985 or email  Alternatively, visit

* Energy helpline

** uSwitch

*** Figures for the 1970s and Code Level 4 specifications have been taken from SAP2009 Dwelling Emission Rate (DER) Worksheets

**** Information provided by KN Network services and Solar Century. Average savings quoted are to be used as a guide only and are in no way

guaranteed. The Feed in Tarriff is a Government led initiative and may be subject to change.