Article image Residents at one of the South West’s most significant new property developments are using their cars less.

Located close to the centre of Bath, those who have now made Crest Nicholson’s Bath Riverside their home have started to live a lifestyle that all but does away with the reliance on private transport.

The sales team is now encouraging those thinking about moving to the area to consider how they too could do away with using a car, while enjoying the trappings of the South West’s premier property development and surrounding area.

The change in attitude has come about for a number of reasons. The advance of mobile technology means people can work from home much more easily while allowing them to do a lot of day-to-day errands like paying bills or even doing the weekly shop from the comfort of their home.

Those looking to work from home will be interested to know that all properties at the development have the provision to set up a ‘Home Office’ making the proposition of working from home even more attractive. 

The development’s proximity to the city centre has also encouraged many to ditch the motor as they were finding it wasn’t being used and was costing them money. Numerous bus routes pass right outside the development and the train station is within easy walking distance.

A car club also operates out of the development, so anyone needing to use a car can easily do so. These can be booked up to 30 minutes before they are needed and provide residents of Bath a cost-effective, hassle-free and environmentally friendly alternative to car ownership.

With the Nextbike cycle hire scheme going from strength to strength in the city, plans to install a bike station at the development will also encourage more residents to cycle rather than drive.

Susan Young, sales and marketing director at Crest Nicholson said: “What’s key is the need to get potential buyers to think about the perception of owning a car here at Bath Riverside. Everything is on the doorstep so there’s no need to pay for something that will remain idle most of the time while costing money.

“Prospective house hunters ask about car parking but the reality is there is no longer any need for many residents of Bath Riverside to own one. Many who have already moved in have commented on how they are using their car less and less.

“Not only is the development about 15 minute walk from Bath city centre, there are excellent bus links right on the doorstep. The car-free, pedestrian tow path also allows residents to walk directly into the middle of the city.

“There’s also the money saving aspect of not having to buy a car – or in many cases nowadays leasing it on a monthly contract, plus the health benefits of walking or cycling a little more.

“Of course it won’t suit everyone but for many, making the decision to throw away the car keys has opened up their lifestyle for the better.

“Car parking has been incorporated into the development, but with it predominantly being underground it has been carefully designed so that it doesn’t dominate the area.”

With the electrification of the main line railway giving faster connection times, more frequent trains and bigger carriages will also help people living in Bath reconsider their travel options.

For those looking to move, current availability includes a selection of three and four-bedroom townhouses a number of which are ready for immediate occupation so those wanting to get the pick of the plots could be in by the Autumn.

Built from the light-coloured Bath stone, so typical of the city, these brand new properties benefit from modern features tailored with the lifestyle of today’s busy home owner.

Whilst maintaining a traditional Georgian-style, these homes are brand new meaning they need little or no maintenance unlike many older properties in the city. This allows for much lower heating and running costs. 

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