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- 6% Return Guaranteed For 12 Months - 

Leading the way as an alternative to London, Bath has fast become one of the most sought after locations when it comes to investing in property.

Located in the heart of the South West, the city’s history, superb shopping, excellent rail links to London and Bristol plus a burgeoning student population has resulted in strong returns including capital growth and annual rent.

A popular area for families, property values have also risen steadily over recent years, while one of the country’s most remarkable regeneration projects, Bath Riverside, has created a superb opportunity for those looking to invest in bricks and mortar.

A shortage of quality rental accommodation in the city is also prompting would-be investors – many of whom are new to investing in property – to take a closer look at the development. And to help ease first time investors into the rental sector, developer Crest Nicholson is guaranteeing a 6 per cent return for 12 months by topping up the minimum rent achieved by landlords.

Within walking distance of Bath city centre and Bath Spa railway station – which is ideal for commuters – the student population has placed additional pressure on the city’s rental stock. 

Current availability includes a selection of two-bedroom apartments in the stunning Royal View phase, the acclaimed building which sits on the banks of the River Avon.

And as conventional saving vehicles continue to produce disappointingly low returns, many with money to invest are looking to property as an alternative.

Christine Hamilton, Crest Nicholson sales advisor said: “Reasoned opinion suggests that a far more attractive return is offered by investing in property – and in particular new-build properties. Not only are you likely to generate an income through rent but the capital growth is also likely to see the value of the property rise.

“The properties currently available in Royal View offer investors the best opportunity in the area. As well as a whole host of aesthetic considerations we are guaranteeing investors a 6 per cent return for 12 months.

“They are ideally suited to today’s typical tenant. The central location means the train station is close by which is handy for those who might work further afield. 

“Tenants who live here will also have the advantage of having everything right on their doorstep which is why we believe Bath Riverside holds all the cards when it comes to tempting investors.”

Advantages of New

Christine is also keen to point out that the benefits of investing in a new property far outweighs that of older properties. 

She added: “There are many reasons why someone who is interested in investing in property might choose to look at a new building, rather than an older one. The most obvious is that they can expect there to be virtually no initial maintenance costs.

“Also, the first impression made on potential tenants of an immaculate new building is likely to be very favourable.

“Striking now would mean getting the most from the investment not only in terms of potential equity, but future rental returns.”

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