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Designer touches catch the eye at flagship apartments

Designers have incorporated the latest trends in ‘broken plan living’ in the new show apartments at Bath Riverside’s flagship Sovereign Point building – installing specially selected pieces of furniture to effectively break up available space. 

Thoughtfully designed and built to be low maintenance and energy efficient, the two- bedroom show apartments include feature furniture which creates an open-plan living space which still manages to keep separate living zones and plenty of natural light. 

Rachel Nacer, Designer and Owner of Rasalo Interiors, has fitted out three of the most recent show apartments including the Milsom and Pultney Penthouses.  

She said: “The décor and furniture we have selected really brings the apartment to life for prospective buyers. It’s always exciting to get a brief for such an interesting building. I love customising an empty space like this, selecting the wallpapers and key pieces of furniture to layer the rooms. 

“I guess with such an iconic shaped building it’s important to have some interesting furniture that takes creates interesting spaces and mirrors the curves of the building.” 

A previous installation Rasalo completed at Sovereign Point incorporated a green curved sofa that complimented the internal curves of the walls. 

“By adding the textures and window treatments the space starts to form the basis of your design. We try to keep the pieces simple without over cluttering and select high specification furniture with beautiful textured fabrics. The design starts to take shape. 

“We felt that the interior should also have some feature wallpaper on the bedroom walls and chose Cole & Son wallpaper company which has a wide range of distinguished wallpapers. 

“We choose a Geometric II called Delano for the master bedroom and a softer choice for bedroom two.” 

Rasalo installed voiles and curtains on wave tracks that are flush to the ceiling on the windows of the rooms that insinuates the height of the windows and frames the wonderful view of Bath. 

“This particular apartment has great views over the river and we wanted the apartment to have a fresh and welcoming feel, so we had a mix of modern and practical furniture, like the bespoke bookcase/TV Cabinet that was made for the apartment. 

“Textures of fabrics and a light palate of colour throughout the Show Penthouse keeps the whole space fresh and inviting.” 

Crest Nicholson Sales Director Marcus Evans said: “From day one we have given our designers a simple brief: Everything they do has to literally stop you in your tracks. Our show apartments are our first port of call for potential buyers and it is critical they create an instant impression. 

“We were particularly pleased with the latest apartments which look  chic and contemporary without crowding the space.”
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