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Decluttering is key to New Home New You

You have just bought a smart, light and airy apartment at Bath Riverside and all you need to do is move the contents of your three, four or five bedroom house into your brand new two-bedroomed home… 

The decluttering trend taking the world by storm is serving homeowners, and downsizers in particular, with plenty of tips on how to treasure the essentials and banish the unnecessary clutter.  

Japanese tidying consultant and star of the hit Netflix show Tidying Up, Marie Kondo, is leading the charge in promoting a minimalist approach to home organisation and asks people to only keep items which ‘spark joy’ when you look at them. 

This, combined with other cleaning-crazy internet sensations Mrs Hinch and The Organised Mum, is inspiring a Tidy Home, Tidy Mind mentality among dwellers. 

At the exclusive development Bath Riverside development a host of buyers are making the move from their three, four or five bedroom house to a new light and airy two bedroom apartment.  

The task of condensing the contents of a large home into a smaller space is made simple with Marie Kondo’s technique which advises tackling groups of items at once i.e. every book you own or all items clothing and focusing on what you want to keep rather than what to throw away.  

Marcus Evans, sales and marketing director from developer Crest Nicholson said: “Decluttering your home can be seriously satisfying – I think people start decluttering and that inspires them to think about moving. 

“Although newcomers and investors take a large share of the properties available at Bath’s premier development scheme, downsizers still make up a significant proportion of buyers. 

“Our apartments are particularly attractive to downsizers, offering them a high-quality apartment in an iconic community setting. 

“But it is important to understand people looking to downsize need to take their time on decisions of this importance in order to ensure they are making the right move at the right time. 

“A key feature of the decluttering experience is looking at the belongings which might have been built over the course of a lifetime and deciding what can be left behind. 

“Ironically a number of our buyers have told us they felt the whole process - distilling the contents of ten or a dozen rooms into a modern, purpose-built apartment - had been unexpectedly liberating. 

“The process of decluttering allows you a certain freedom in that everything will have a place and there will be a place for everything you really need. 

“The art of decluttering, tidying and organising your home is a life skill which will benefit you for your whole life. Marie Kondo suggests holding an item close to your heart and deciding whether it ‘sparks joy’. 

Whatever method you choose to declutter, Marcus Evans warns against wholesale disposal of sports equipment and training gear. 

“With a new gym on site, the opportunity to cycle for miles along the riverside and even go paddleboarding from Bath Riverside to Pulteney Weir – there will be plenty of opportunities to free the new decluttered you.” 

 Bath Riverside is located close to the town centre, with flat and level riverside paths into the shops and other facilities. 

The marketing suite on Victoria Bridge Road is open daily from 10 am to 5pm. 
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