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Sculptor begins work on exciting Arborfield war horse project

Crest Nicholson have commissioned Amy Goodman, a well-known sculptor and portrait artist who grew up in Berkshire to create a breathtaking public art display at one of the key gateways to Arborfield Green. Amy has now begun sculpting the three life-size horses which will be sited on the new Nine Mile Ride Extension roundabout, which was completed in summer 2017.


Commenting on the project, Amy said:  ‘I have had a very clear vision from the very start of a rearing Cleveland Bay gunner from WW1, stocky and muscular, yet magnificent. Rearing against the sky on a mound, with a retaining gabion wall that would be akin to the wall of a trench. His hogged mane and docked tail, a subtle indication of his history, without the need for tack and the ammunition of war. Across from the trench following the edge of the road so they can be viewed well by passing traffic, a sports horse mare will be galloping away towards her yearling who will be just ahead of her. Past, present, and future in an equine installation. I will also be working with Ryman & Leader Sculpture castings.’


The sculpture will celebrate the history of the former Arborfield Garrison, originally established as a horse hospital and veterinary centre for the Remount Depot in 1904. During WW1 many thousands of horses passed through the centre, now marked by two remaining stable blocks that will be restored and form the focal point for the village meadow and bridleway.


Anil Bungar, Senior Development Director for Crest Nicholson said: “We are delighted to have Amy working on this exciting project. The sculptures will commemorate Arborfield Garrison’s long association with horses and celebrate the rich history at its heart. We hope that they will be enjoyed by the whole community for many years to come.”


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