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Riverside development provides best medium term investment in Bath

Outside of London, the city of Bath has always been considered as one of the best places to invest in property. 
Its history and tourism, the excellent rail links to the capital, the flourishing student population and high demand for rental properties has provided for many years, good rental yields and excellent capital gains for investors. 
Those now considering placing their hard-earned money in bricks and mortar should be reassured that, generally speaking, property has always provided a good return, especially if they’re looking more towards the medium to long term. 
The question for Bath-bound property investors is where to look. 
Giles Harling from Savills said: “It’s been widely reported that in the UK there is a shortage of new property being built. 
“In Bath, strong demand for high-quality rental accommodation has resulted in a shortage of property for those wanting something of a superior standard. 
“I know for a fact that local letting agents are appealing in particular to owners of new apartments to come forward with potential lets and has made any newly built property the focal point for those looking to buy as an investment.”  
According to Giles, of specific interest has been two of the city’s newest landmark buildings at the impressive Bath Riverside development which is located on the banks of the River Avon. 
Called Royal View and Sovereign Point, their curved design and stunning central atriums have clearly appealed to those looking to rent in the city with all available rental properties in Royal View now taken. 
Fortunately, those looking to invest can still buy one of the two-bedroom apartments still available in Sovereign Point and is where Giles believes the smart money will be invested. 
He added: “As with any property purchase, the location of any property investment is key to the long-term success and maximising return on investment. 
“Other elements to consider are things such as affluence of area, proximity to the local amenities and city-centre and whether there are any universities close by. 
“Sovereign Point fits all these criteria and as well as a whole host of aesthetic considerations is ideally suited for today’s typical tenant.  
“The central location means the train station is close by which is handy for those who might work further afield. Tenants who live here will also have the advantage of having everything right on their doorstep and is why local letting agents are appealing for more properties. 
“It really is the best option in Bath at present.” 
For further information please call 01225 463517 or visit  
The marketing suite on Victoria Bridge Road is open daily from 10 am to 5pm.  
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