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Atrium exhibition secures connection between community and outside world

A series of art exhibitions curated by a local Bath resident are set to be showcased within a stunning Atrium that forms the focal point of the building in which she lives.

Organised by Susan Hay, a series of three exhibitions will take place in one of Bath’s newest and more striking buildings, Royal View at Bath Riverside.

Starting on 16 May, the first exhibition will feature local sculptor Iain Cotton who is currently exploring preoccupations with roads, paths, journeys and human marks in the landscape.

Iain’s exhibition will be followed by artist Emma Hambly - whose interest stems from natural science and the environments - and then wood sculptor Dominic Clare who works with wood collected locally.

Commenting on the exhibitions Susan said: “As a contemporary development Royal View is unique both in the context of Bath and within Bath Riverside, and one of the reasons we, as residents, love Bath is for its artistic and cultural history.

“The Atrium in Royal View has the potential to release more energy into the building, and add to its social investment in the city. It’s a fantastic space and is our threshold between our homes and the outside world. 

“The three artists selected reflect this conjunction – this encounter between public and private spaces through their work. They all use local materials and help us to focus on and value our shared space, giving it energy that relates to the environment that surrounds us and Bath Riverside’s heritage as a former ironworks.”

Leigh Pitts, marketing manager at Crest Nicholson added: “A lot of effort has been made to involve the local community in the design and implementation of Bath Riverside. 

“One of the most effective measures that has been adopted is the inclusion of an Art Strategy in the masterplan. 

“This is an initiative to create visual points of interest across the whole development. Local community artists, craftsmen and organisations have been encouraged to submit a host of quirky and eccentric elements that have been incorporated into the stone carving, bins, lamp-posts and wall art, to create an element of surprise and delight for those discovering them.

“It’s fantastic that Susan, who moved into her new apartment earlier in the year, is now using the space further to showcase local artists and add to the overall experience of living at Bath Riverside.”

Susan added: “I’ve had a terrific response and unanimous support from residents. Taking some ownership of the entrance spaces through art may offer talking points amongst residents, leading to increased socialisation.

“Achieving new interest in a space we all share with our families and friends can strengthen our relationship with the building and bring us together as a community.

“These might be sculptural pieces in Bath and Somerset stone, or structures in wood native to our surrounds, or drawings and photographs which help us focus on the detail of our environment.

The exhibition is being hosted within a private residence. Viewings are by appointment only. To make an appointment call 01225 463517 or visit

Special thanks goes to Bath Riverside residents for allowing this artwork to be shown.
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