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Downsizing your state of mind

Bath Riverside Penthouse website Bath-based Home owners looking to downsize should mentally prepare themselves for the move so that when the time comes they are totally ready for that change in lifestyle.

A lot of the time the idea to downsize is triggered by the fact that children have grown up and left the family home, leaving mum and dad with more room than they need as they approach retirement.

More recently however, many younger home owners have been prompted to make that move and so release cash or equity tied up in the bricks and mortar. This is then used to free up a lifestyle they’ve been craving, to help children pay for university fees or even their first home.

Although the idea of trading down can be a difficult one, the benefits it brings do, according to property experts, far outweigh any preconceived disadvantages.

Whatever the reasons, ‘downsizing’, or perhaps more appropriately ‘rightsizing’, is seen as a great way to change the way people live, often leading them to appreciate more the possessions that they do have rather than worrying about what they don’t have.

The advice now being given to those looking to downsize is to first get ready in their mind’s eye and start thinking about what they want to keep and what furniture will go in which rooms.

Marcus Evans sales and marketing executive from Bath Riverside said: “The pre-conceived notion that downsizing is just for the older generation is way off beam. We’ve noticed an increase of younger home owners looking to shake off the shackles of owning a much bigger property.

“And downsizing doesn’t mean a compromise on space, but going from say a four-bedroom family home, into a two-bedroom penthouse here at Bath Riverside will mean that items like the lawnmower, garden furniture and two spare beds probably won’t be needed.

“It effectively comes down to time and thoughtful consideration. Get rid of the things you don’t need without getting rid of the things you do need.

“For those looking for a new way of life, a good declutter now means that when you do move, you’ll find there is plenty of room for the possessions and furniture you’ve decided to keep.

“It’s also a great opportunity to do away with some items that you’ve never touched for a long time and even forgot you actually had!”

Marcus also says there are some easy steps to take when going from a bigger property 

He added: “It’s all about perspective and how you want to live your life! Could you digitalise all those CDs or photo albums, do you really want to keep those old school books or could you once and for all get rid of all those old clothes.

“If someone is looking to move from a property that had larger floor space, looking at the floor plans of the new home and work out what from your current furniture will fit is a great way to get prepared.

“Of course it’s completely subjective but the chance to start afresh and move into something new and exciting is a fantastic choice many more people are making in order to do the things they want.”

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