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Upsizing to a New Home at Centenary Quay

Peter and Lucy Butt were not looking to buy a new home when, out of interest, they visited Crest Nicholson’s Centenary Quay development in Southampton. They were so impressed with the waterfront development however, that they came away with a brand new three-bedroom house.

“We knew of the development as we drove past it most days but we hadn’t been planning to move home,” said Lucy Butt. “One day we decided to call in and have a look at what was being built and we loved it so much that we decided there and then that we wanted to buy.

“We hadn’t put our own, three-bedroom house on the market but we thought we could probably only afford a two-bedroom house at Centenary Quay. That wasn’t ideal as, with two young daughters, we really wanted a three-bedroom house. We just loved the showhome and the development so much though that we were prepared to compromise on bedrooms. When we sold our current home though, we were able to buy a three-bedroom townhouse which was just fantastic.

“Although we weren’t particularly planning to move home, Peter and I had always said that, if we were to move, we would only consider buying a brand-new property. We didn’t want the hassle of an older property and have to replace or fix anything like old boilers or roofs. We wanted a home that was new and fresh that we could start living in straight away.”

Lucy continues: “We just love the development. My husband and I are from the area and so we knew the site prior to Crest Nicholson developing it and we just can’t believe it’s the same place. It is so lovely now – it’s like living in a holiday home. Woolston is a good place to live but Centenary Quay will really boost the area.

“Our daughters also love living here. We used to have a small, 1960s three-bedroom house with no garden and now we have a large three-bedroom house with spacious rooms and a great garden. The girls love all the new space to play in as much as we do. You hear stories that newly built houses are often smaller than older properties but that’s really not the case at Centenary Quay. We couldn’t believe how big it is and we were really impressed by the amount of storage space.

“I would say my favourite room is the kitchen/dining room on the ground floor. It’s great for entertaining as well as being a good family space; I can cook whilst the girls play in the dining area or in the garden.”

“We are delighted to have moved here,” concludes Lucy. “It really has changed all our lives. We have so much space now and Peter and I are thrilled that our daughters will grow up in a safe, attractive development. When the commercial units are up and running, the site will be even better. We are very glad we decided to pop in and have a look.”

When complete, Centenary Quay will deliver 1,620 new homes in total providing accommodation for around 3000 residents, significantly regenerating the riverside of Woolston. The seven year investment programme covers an overall area of 31 acres and will provide a range of restaurants and cafes, a supermarket, several community facilities including a nursery and a library, a children’s play area, Primary Care Trust facility and a new marine quarter to meet the needs of the marine industry.

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