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Top tip to combat rising energy costs: buy a new home!

In response to the news that energy prices are set to rise by up to nine per cent, national housebuilder Crest Nicholson, is offering homeowners – and those looking to buy a new home – some top tips of how they can combat the hike in prices.

It has been announced this week that three of the ‘big six’ energy companies – including Scottish and Southern Energy, British Gas and Npower – will be raising their prices before the end of the year, meaning that typical households will pay nearly £1,500 each year on energy bills. This will not only effect existing homeowners but also those looking to purchase a new home, as their key considerations may need to be re-evaluated.

Ruth Williams, sales manager at Park Central said: “The fact that energy tariffs are set to increase could have a negative effect on people thinking that they wish to buy a new home, after all if people have calculated their proposed monthly outgoings and are basing their purchase on these costs, any rise in the price of bills could have a very real and direct impact on where they choose.

“There are a number of easy ways in which homeowners can try to combat the rise in energy prices, including turning lights off when you leave the room, putting a jumper on rather than the radiator and only boiling the water you need for a cup of tea. For those looking for a new home however, there are also some key factors to look out for when choosing a property.

“Statistically, new build homes are four times more energy efficient than an older house and it is predicted you could save hundreds of pounds on your energy bills in just one year. People often think it just down to preference whether people choose a new or old building but actually, the more cost savvy house hunters will always go for the new properties.”

The homes at Crest Nicholson’s Park Central regeneration development in Birmingham city centre have all been designed with the latest eco-friendly technologies in mind, using sustainable materials to make life more comfortable and affordable for homeowners. The homes are built with thermally efficient windows which boast special coated glass to help keep homes warmer in winter and cooler in summer and each room benefits from individual room thermostats. Additionally, all internal lighting is 100 per cent low energy, saving both electricity and money.

Ruth continues: “When designing Park Central, Crest Nicholson was very mindful that people would want a modern and cost effective home that boasted contemporary design whilst being comfortable to live in. In addition to energy efficient windows and lighting, homeowners also benefit from Economy 7 which is a cheaper rate of electricity with dual rate meters. We are even going one step further with the next phase of the development, building all of the new apartments to a higher level of sustainability, meaning they will be significantly more energy efficient than current building regulations require.”

Two bedroom apartments are currently available for sale in the Lower Parkside phase of Park Central, which overlooks eight acres of landscaped parkland. Prices for the apartments start from just £143,500.

For more information on Park Central and to arrange a viewing please call the sales team on 0121 666 4666. Alternatively visit the marketing suite, which is open daily from 10am to 5pm and is located at Park Central, Spring Street, Birmingham B15 2GD.

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