Lower Energy Bills and Low Maintenance Attract Buyers to Centenary Quay

With people in the UK living in good health for longer and healthy life expectancy increasing by more than two years*, the post-World War II baby-boomers, now in their 60s, are not all looking to slow down and move into retirement villages; many are choosing to continue living in mainstream housing. When Joan Spencer decided to downsize from her three-bedroom house to a low-maintenance, low-energy home, she purchased a one-bedroom apartment at Crest Nicholson’s Centenary Quay development in Southampton. Joan Spencer, 67, said: “I had been living in my three-bedroom house on my own for seven years since my husband passed away and it was too big for me. A large house wasn’t necessary for just me and it needed a lot of upkeep which was a lot of effort. I wanted a home that was a more manageable size and that was easy to maintain. It was really important to me that I bought a new property; I didn’t want to spend my time redecorating or having to pay for repairs.

“Older properties can be very expensive if you have to replace old boilers or windows, have the electrics rewired and the roof redone. At my stage in life I just didn’t want the hassle, let alone the cost. With a new home, you know where you stand and there won’t be any hidden surprises or expenses that suddenly appear once you’ve moved in. At Centenary Quay, I was able to enjoy being in my new home from day one.

“Another reason that a new property appealed was that, due to advanced building materials, the energy bills tend to be considerably lower. Also, by using less energy, I am helping the planet which is a nice bonus.

“I had been looking for a new home for some time but I didn’t find anything special enough. I had lived in my previous home for 25 years and my husband I had raised our daughters there so it was quite a wrench to leave; it had to be for the right property. I felt very ‘at home’ as soon as I visited Centenary Quay. The whole development had a wonderful feel about it and I loved the fact that it was by the river.”

Joan continues: “I bought my apartment off-plan and moved in earlier this summer. I got rid of all of my old furniture when I moved; I had to buy everything new when I came here so it has been a real new start for me. I can honestly say that I have never looked back. I am so happy here that I don’t even think about our old house now.

“Despite downsizing considerably, I don’t feel cramped here at all. I thought I would struggle going from a big house to a one-bedroom apartment but I haven’t at all. All the rooms are light and airy and there is plenty of space.”

“It has been lovely being here over the summer,” concludes Joan. “With the river location and walkways it really felt like a holiday development. I could have found moving and being in a new place really difficult and unsettling but I love it here. I absolutely made the right decision.”

When complete, Centenary Quay will deliver 1,620 new homes in total providing accommodation for around 3000 residents, significantly regenerating the riverside of Woolston. The seven year investment programme covers an overall area of 31 acres and will provide a range of restaurants and cafes, a supermarket, several community facilities including a nursery and a library, a children’s play area, Primary Care Trust facility and a new marine quarter to meet the needs of the marine industry.

For more information, please contact the Sales & Marketing Suite, off Victoria Road, Woolston, Southampton SO19 9EG on 0870 758 0432 or visit www.centenaryquay.co.uk.

*Office of National Statistics, http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-19410699

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