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Crest Nicholson is a leading residential developer operating in the Southern half of England with an emphasis on creating well designed homes in sustainable communities. The Group has a wide product range, varying from homes for first time buyers through to large family homes, and includes a mixture of houses, apartments and supporting commercial premises as part of its larger developments.

The Group, which has established a brand over 50 years also has a history of 39 years’ on the Official List and trading on the London Stock Exchange’s main market between 1968 and 2007. The Group re-listed on the London Stock Exchange in 2013.

The Group currently operates through five regional housebuilding divisions, a Major Projects division which specialises in larger scale partnerships with public and private vendors and a Strategic Projects division which focuses on sourcing, promoting and delivering large-scale land sites which do not have planning consents.

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The 2014 report is our first Integrated Report. It describes an approach that seeks to balance financial and non- financial factors in decision making. Driving the economic growth and delivering value, while creating a social and environmental legacy to be proud of.

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Boiler Room Scam

Shareholders of companies can get contacted by "brokers" from overseas, usually from the USA, offering very high prices for their shares in those companies. These offers are a form of Boiler Room scam as discussed in the release Boiler Room Scams from the Financial Services Authority (FSA).

We would advise Shareholders not to engage in discussions with these "brokers" and to report any such activity to the FSA by completing an online form available at:

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