New Home Warranty

Rest assured your home is constructed to rigorous industry standards

Throughout the entire process of building your new home, the Crest Nicholson team will continually uphold its commitment to maintaining the highest standards.

NHBCEvery component of your new home will be assessed to ensure that it meets with rigorous industry standards. Furthermore we are committed to specifying sustainable materials and technologies to ensure that your new home is at the very forefront of sustainable design and build.

Consequently, your home is protected by a warranty from either the NHBC (National House Building Council) the first 2 years of which are covered by Crest Nicholson’s very own dedicated customer service team. The NHBC is a highly regulated independent regulators guarantee your new home, for up to 10 years, in the unlikely event of major structural defect. A Site inspector from the NHBC will oversee the build of your new home at various key stages throughout its construction to ensure that it conforms to the required standards and quality.

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