Tell us about your building safety complaint

Please use this online service to make a complaint about an issue relating to structural failure and/or spread of fire or the performance of a person who is responsible for building safety of your apartment block.

The type of complaints you can make include:

  • Issues in your building that could lead to fire spreading
  • Issues that could lead to part or all of the building collapsing
  • Issues with fire safety or structural integrity of the building that is being designed, built or renovated
  • Complaints against people accountable for the safety of the building such as the Principal Accountable Person and/or the managing agent

Please do not use this service for complaints which relate to a service or a maintenance request. Instead, please contact the divisional Customer Service team using the form on our Contact page.

How your information is used

Your name and contact information

We ask for your name, your phone number, and your email address. We need this information to:

  • contact you for further information if it is needed
  • let you know that your complaint has been received
  • let you know if no action needs to be taken
  • let you know if action is taken

If you do not give us your phone number or email address, and there is not enough information in the report, we may not be able to do anything about your complaint.

Who we share your name and contact information with

We only share your name and contact details with:

  • the directors of the management company responsible for your building
  • the managing agent responsible for your building
  • relevant employees of Crest Nicholson Plc who may assist with your complaint (this is not my area of expertise, but it is my understanding that if you ask people for their personal information you have to tell them who you will pass it to.)

Before you start

In this service we will ask you;

  • for your name and contact details
  • if you have contacted us before
  • for details of the development about which you are making a complaint
  • for details of your complaint
  • if you can upload evidence and tell us about what it shows
  • how you relate to the issue (e.g. are you a resident, or a contractor etc)
  • when you first became aware of this issue
  • steps you have taken to draw this issue to the attention of the managing agent.
  • whether you have reported this issue to anyone else

If you require a Braille, large type, audio or different language version of this information, please write to Building Safety Complaints, Crest Nicholson, 500 Dashwood Lang Road, Addlestone, Surrey, KT15 2HJ.


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