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Monksmoor Park

Business Model

At every step of the process we aim to create value for customers and stakeholders.

Our business model is built around our mission to create great places to live for our customers and aims to deliver long-term value for all our stakeholders. It is underpinned by our three core principles of design and innovation; sustainability; and customer care. These principles define us and are what we believe make Crest Nicholson different. Guided by our strategy for success, we use our unique blend of experience, skills and relationships to achieve our mission and help us to grow our business sustainably.

Our critical resources sustain us

Natural and physical resources

Well-located land and the materials and resources we use to build homes.

People and their skills, knowledge and experience

The skills, knowledge and experience of our employees and our supply chain, and our expertise in masterplanning, design and build.

Stakeholder relationships and partnerships

Relationships with customers, landowners, government, local authorities, housing associations, industry bodies and communities.

Financial inputs

Working capital and a strong balance sheet.

Our Strategy for Success

Managed growth of the business
Delivering to our customers and communities
Building skills and relationships
Operating responsibly
Working with partners and our supply chain

Our regional approach enables us to be responsive

5 regional offices





South West

Two further business units complement the regional divisions and provide specialist skills

Crest Nicholson Regeneration

Specialises in large-scale developments with public and private partners, incorporating residential and mixed-use projects.

Crest Strategic Projects

Sources unallocated sites and secures valuable planning permissions over time for medium- to long-term development to be delivered through our divisions.

Our Unique Approach to Creating Communities

Targeted and strategic land purchases

From the earliest stages, we carefully consider the vital ingredients that are essential for adding value to existing local communities. That means identifying and purchasing well-located land with the most potential to create great places to live for our customers.

Outstanding planning and design

Our masterplanning skills help us to produce some of the most innovative ideas when designing a new development. We also take on very complex regeneration and brownfield developments alongside our Garden Village projects.

Quality and innovative construction

Quality control is one of our biggest priorities and we have digitised many of our processes to improve consistency and maintain high standards across the Group. We have also incorporated many innovations into our new core range of house type designs and are testing various off-site manufacture systems.

High levels of customer satisfaction

We understand what buying a new home means for our customers and aim to help them through the process with excellent service, support and aftercare. They can raise issues with us at any stage through a dedicated phone service staffed 24 hours a day.

Developing and supporting effective legacy and stewardship mechanisms

It is one thing to create a great place to live, but another to ensure it stays that way. We aim to ensure a management company or Community Interest Company is in place by the time a development is complete to maintain the landscape and community facilities we build.

We create value for our stakeholders and wider society

Growing returns for our investors and tax revenue

Quality-built homes, infrastructure and community assets

Skills and leadership for the future of the construction sector in the UK

Employment opportunities and economic growth

Low impact new homes and beneficial green spaces

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