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Monksmoor Park

Business Model

At every step of the process we aim to create value for customers and stakeholders.

Our business model is built around our mission to create great places to live for our customers and aims to deliver long-term value for all our stakeholders. It is underpinned by our three core principles of design and innovation; sustainability; and customer care. These principles define us and are what we believe make Crest Nicholson different. Guided by our strategy for success, we use our unique blend of experience, skills and relationships to achieve our mission and help us to grow our business sustainably.

How our Business model works

Our inputs

Natural and physical resources

Well-located land and the materials and resources we use to build homes.

People in the business

The skills, knowledge and experience of our employees and our supply chain, and our expertise in masterplanning, design and build.

Stakeholders and partners outside the business

Relationships with customers, landowners, the Government, local authorities, housing associations, industry bodies and communities.

Financial inputs

Working capital, cash flows and our balance sheet.

Our Strategic Priorities

Our Business Structure

our business activities


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