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Sustainable Procurement

We commit to specifying sustainable materials and working collaboratively with our supply chain.

Achieving economic growth and creating long-term value for society within environmental limits is a collective challenge.

We recognise that our procurement decisions have potentially serious environmental and social consequences. Through our sustainable procurement policy we set out our commitment to specify sustainable materials and work with our supply chain to promote social responsibility and environmental stewardship. To find out about how we promote social responsibility with our supply chain, please go to For our Partners.

One of our key commodities is timber. Forests play a critical part in the well-being of people, nature, and the planet. So we must ensure that the procurement decisions we make proactively support ethical and sustainable timber products and responsible producers and suppliers. Through our Sustainable Timber policy we commit to only buying timber from known legal sources and seek out suppliers and subcontractors that are certified to trade in Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) timber. To find out more about our continuing journey of sustainable timber, read our case study below.

We also support the World Wildlife Fund Forest Campaign, which aims to to ensure that the UK and European markets only procures 100% legal and sustainable wood-based products.

A Continuing Journey for Sustainable Timber Procurement 

Read about how we are committed to purchasing sustainability sourced timber.

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We source local products where we can. This helps to support small local businesses, while reducing the environmental impact of transporting materials from great distances to our sites. 30% of our supply chain are located within 20 miles of site and 59% are within 50 miles.


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