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For the Environment

We recognise our impact on the environment and put effective initiatives in place to address this.

In order to be a thriving business, we are reliant on numerous natural resources, including the land we build on, energy and water in our offices and on-site, as well as construction materials to build our homes and supporting community infrastructure. We want to ensure that we minimise any negative impacts our operations may have on the environment, and where possible, enhance the positive contributions we can make.

Our Sustainability Policy makes clear the four areas we are addressing as part of our approach to environmental sustainability. They are: 

  • Addressing climate change and reducing our operational carbon footprint;
  • Managing our resources, such as energy, water and materials; and reducing waste
  • Reducing environmental risks from our construction activities; and
  • Protecting and enhancing the biodiversity and ecology within the local environments where we are building.

    To find out more about each of these areas and the work we’re doing to address our environmental impact, please visit each of the dedicated subpages.

Carbon Footprint

Our carbon footprint helps us to identify initiatives to reduce energy and water use and waste.

Make Waste History

We want to minimise waste by transforming the way we think about resources.

Sustainable Procurement

We commit to specifying sustainable materials and working collaboratively with our supply chain.

To find out more about how we are working to create beautiful green spaces and enhance biodiversity, please visit For our Customers and Communities.

More information on how we work to reduce environmental risks from our construction activities is available in Operating Responsibly.

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