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Investing in Infrastructure and Amenities

New communities need good infrastructure to thrive.

For any new community to grow it needs to be more than just houses and roads – it needs ‘social infrastructure’.

This includes local amenities and outdoor spaces nearby where people can spend free time. Shops, schools and nurseries, doctors’ surgeries, sports facilities and neighbourhood centres all play their part in creating spaces where people can meet and socialise.

Local amenities

% of homes built within 500m and 1,500m of local amenities such as a shop, post office, cash point, school, open space or community centre.

Local amenities 53%500m 84%1,500m

Our Contribution

By far the largest contribution we make goes towards affordable housing. Other significant payments go towards local transport, highways, education, and community facilities.

£819.5m commitment to affordable housing delivery
Level of Group contributions

Off-site combined contributions £31.5m

On-site delivery subsidy £788.0m

£176.4m combined s106 committed contributions and CIL payments
Our most significant contributions

Travel and transport initiatives £31.6m

Off-site highways £38.2m

Education and libraries £79.2m

Community, leisure and sports facilities £14.7m

Ecology, health and art initiatives£3.0m

Community Infrastructure Levy£9.7m

£220.1m cost of works to be delivered
Major works

On-site and off-site common infrastructure£141.7m

Landscape and play£45.8m

Community facilities£18.3m


Our Positive Economic Impact

Aside from the social infrastructure we put in place to help our customers grow their new community, our development and business activity also creates other social economic value. 

We provide direct employment opportunities through work for local trades and contractors during construction, as well as apprentices and graduates. We also provide indirect employment opportunities through building commercial spaces where local people can find work once the development is built.

We stimulate and support the construction sector and suppliers’ businesses through the money we spend on materials and labour during our build process.

You can find out more about the value we create by looking at our Business Model and our Integrated Report.



A Vibrant New Community in Oakgrove Village, Milton Keynes

Read about how local amenities, landscaping and ecology, and beautifully designed efficient homes come together in Oakgrove Village.

Download PDF
In briefNew nursery and library at Centenary Quay, Woolston
New Nursery and library at Centenary Quay Investing infastructure and amenities integrated

With our partners, the Homes and Communities Agency, Southampton City Council, Spectrum and Radian, we are bringing the waterfront back to life at the former Vosper Thornycroft shipyard in Woolston, Southampton. Centenary Quay will provide 1,600 new homes as well as shops, cafes, and a new supermarket. We have also built a children’s nursery and library. The 100-space nursery was opened in September 2014 (at an approximate cost of £1m to build) and we have also invested more than £680,000 to provide a neighbourhood library.

Children from four months to five years are eligible to attend the nursery and are cared for by 25 full-time trained members of staff. The facilities include light and airy playrooms and a large outdoor garden space where children can learn and play.

Providing Tadpole Garden Village with much-needed new schools
Tadpole Farm p3

Our Tadpole Garden Village near Swindon, Wiltshire, has the community at its heart. It has been designed with many public open spaces for residents and the wider community to enjoy, and is a mixed-use development that includes 1,695 new, low-density homes alongside community, retail, education and small business facilities.

With existing local schools at full capacity, we worked to deliver a new primary school to the community very shortly after starting on site. We were successful in this endeavour, opening the doors to the primary school in October 2015. In addition, we are now working with the Education Funding Agency and New College to deliver the new Great Western Academy, which is a secondary school that will take on 1,200 pupils ages 11 to 18 and is scheduled to open in 2018.

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