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Garden Villages

Garden Cities were the brainchild of the visionary planner Ebenezer Howard in the late 19th century. Today the idea of building a new generation of Garden Cities enjoys cross-party politic support. We welcomed the Government’s 2016 prospectus for Garden Villages, setting out support for innovative proposal to deliver new Garden Villages, towns and cities.

Taking forward Howard’s vision of beautiful, healthy and sociable communities where the natural environment can be enjoyed by all, we have developed our own Garden Village concept for the 21st century.

These principles are being brought to life at a number of Garden Villages we’re building, including Tadpole Farm, Arborfield Green, and Monksmoor Park. In December 2016, we were pleased to have our development in Longcross, Surrey, named as one of the first 14 sites in the UK to officially be supported by the Government as a Garden Village.

Vision, Leadership, Community, Engagement

Vision • Leadership • Community • Engagement



Landscape-led masterplanning and high quality design incorporating homes with landscaped front gardens and on-plot parking.


Focus on the importance of the street scene through attractive buildings, public art, street furniture, the use of materials, strong landscaping and tree-lined streets.


Neighbourhoods that are easy to understand and move around, with a wide range of interlinked uses and generous green spaces.



Provision of infrastructure for the community, including schools, leisure, technology, affordable homes and community buildings.


Opportunities for healthy living and personal well-being for people of all ages through growing food and gardening, walking and cycling, children’s play and sport.


Travel choices and good connections to jobs, services and facilities on site and in the wider community, and the natural environment.


Long-term management

Long-term management of high quality green spaces and public realm for the community.


The use of technology for promoting awareness of community events and lifestyle choices.


Investment in the community to encourage a sense of ownership, responsibility and civic pride through community groups and buildings, and partner involvement.


Transforming Arborfield Garrison into a 21st Century Garden Village

Read about how we are creating a community-focused development of green spaces for people and wildlife to enjoy.

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Make waste history

Bringing our Garden Village Principles to Life at Tadpole Village

Read about how our Garden Village Principles help to create this vibrant new community.

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