Integrating Sustainability

Sustainability is about balancing and supporting socio-economic and environmental considerations in what we build and how we build it.

Next Generation Industry Benchmark 2016 - Consistent top performer.

At the heart of Crest Nicholson is a driving ambition to be the market leader in the design and delivery of sustainable homes and mixed-used communities. We aim to improve the quality of life for people and communities now and in the future through providing better homes, work places, retail and leisure spaces.

When we first began reporting on our non-financial performance in 2002, the world was a different place and the concept of sustainability in the built environment was only just emerging.  In fact, Crest Nicholson was one of the first developers in the UK to publish information relating to its social and environmental performance. 

Today it is a different story. Customers, development partners, employees and communities look to developers to ensure they integrate sustainable practices into the new homes and communities they create.

What does ‘sustainability’ mean to Crest Nicholson?

Our mission statement sets our ambition to be a market leader in the delivery of sustainable homes and mixed-use communities.  But what do we mean by that?

For Crest Nicholson, sustainability is about balancing and supporting socio-economic and environmental considerations in what we build and how we build it. This includes creating long-lasting communities, providing sustainable transport links, delivering high-quality homes, responsible sourcing of materials, energy efficiency and supporting local economies – to name just a few. You can find out more about the range of components we believe are needed to deliver sustainable communities in Delivering to Customers & Communities.

Sustainability Governance

Sustainability at Crest Nicholson is led from the top, with a well-established governance framework that supports our continuing work to integrate sustainability across the business and in our decision-making. To understand how sustainability is threaded through our governance structure please click here.

Our sustainability policies provide clear direction for the Executive Management Team and employees. These are reviewed annually by the Chief Executive for currency, impact and focus.

Within each policy is a set of commitments. We work to meet these commitments through one or more programmes of work within the five pillars of our business strategy as well as other strategic work streams. For example, two of the ways we are working to meet the commitments set out in our Climate Change Policy are our Make Waste History campaign as well as research projects, such as AIMCh.  

We have also set SMART targets for construction waste, office energy and water consumption, and levels of certified timber acquired through our supply chain.  Our progress against these targets is reported annually through our website. To find out more about our progress and targets, please visit Our Environmental Impact.

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