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Investor Relations

Corporate Governance

For full details of corporate governance, please see Crest Nicholson's Annual Integrated Report, at the following pages:

  • Our Business Strategy – page 15
  • Internal Control – page 64
  • Relationships with Shareholders and Lenders – page 90
  • Risks and Uncertainties – page 43
  • Board of Directors – page 52
  • Governance – page 49
  • Board Committees – page 58

We are determined to meet our responsibilities to our stakeholders and seek continuous improvement in the standards which apply throughout our business operations. We regularly review our policies and the management systems which assure their application.

The Executive Management Team believes that it has the correct balance of skills and knowledge to lead Crest Nicholson. Senior employees have come up through the business and are promoted on merit and industry experience. The consequent balance of knowledge gives us strengths in operational management, land expertise, financial governance and strategic leadership. The Executive Management Team also has social and environmental knowledge, exposure to community issues, and has received external training in health and safety and climate change.

Strategy and innovation at Crest Nicholson are driven through Business Improvement Workgroups (BIWs), which report to the Executive Management Team. These groups are explicitly required to integrate sustainability issues into their considerations, and to assess the opportunities arising, as well as the risks to our business and product from economic, social and environmental issues, and particularly the potential effects of climate change.

Crest Nicholson's Sustainability team is responsible for developing Group Sustainability Strategy and facilitating its implementation, working alongside the business-focused BIWs to promote innovation. At a project level, operational personnel are responsible for delivering the sustainability aspirations of our mission.

The Board delegates some specific responsibilities to our Board Committees, which currently comprise Audit and Risk, Remuneration and Nomination, and to the Executive Management Team.

Our corporate risk management framework is described in more detail in our Annual Integrated Report (page 43).

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