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Next 10 Years

Our Strategy: The next 10 years

A long-term sustainable business strategy allows us to respond to a changing external context and continue to show leadership.

Planning for a sustainable and successful future

The world we live and work in is rapidly changing. Climate change, resource constraints, economic recession, regulatory expectations, societal demands, technological breakthroughs and a host of other factors are having real impacts on business now and in the future.

Our understanding and response to these issues is also moving quickly: what may have been a responsible approach to sustainability just two or three years ago may not be adequate any more.

A new strategic framework

Working with Forum for the Future, we have developed a strategic framework to respond to these issues, to stretch our thinking and help ensure that we have a sustainable business model capable of delivering value now and into the future.

With a team of 30 drawn from different levels and disciplines across the business, we identified and debated the most significant factors likely have a long-term influence on our business. The 13 factors we identified were then tested among internal and external stakeholders, including local authorities, development partners and suppliers. 

Among the 13 factors identified included:

  • Increasing customer expectations for high quality design, product and service
  • Increasing societal demand for transparency, including open, responsible and ethical business practices
  • The impact of changing demographics
  • Supply chain skills and capacity
  • Impacts of climate change and natural resource constraints
  • Regulatory demands for energy efficiency and low carbon homes

From this exercise we then identified five priority work streams for further examination within the business. These work streams focus on areas in which we are seeking to drive business value and differentiation through 2023. Each is underpinned by a 10-year roadmap of research, reflection and activity, connected to near-medium- and long-term milestones we are currently developing. 

  • Creating Great Places to Live
  • Responding to Trends and Customers' Future Needs - Product Development 
  • New Business and Channels to Market
  • Supply Chain and Natural Resources 
  • Learning and Continuous Improvement

For more information on our Sustainability Business Strategy, please take a look at our annual Sustainability Report and Annual Report and Accounts.

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