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Materiality & Stakeholders

We listen.
We regularly consult with a wide range of stakeholders and listen to what is important to them.

Sustainability is led from the top with a well established governance framework which allows informed discussions of economic, social and environmental goals, risks and opportunities by senior management. It also enhances our reputation, drives innovation and contributes to risk management.

Managing Sustainability

Operating Board Drives sustainability strategy and reviews performance
Sustainability Business
Improvement Workgroup (BIW)
Chaired by the Executive Management team member responsible for Sustainability. Comprising two Board Members plus senior managers. Provides Group level thought leadership, strategy and policy development, implementation support to the other BIWs: Production, Customer Experience and Development.
Sustainability Team Develops strategy, leads and facilitates implementation
Projects - Operational personnel Sustainability goals are delivered as part of the development process and embedded in everyday operations, with partners, on site and in offices.

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Creating successful sustainable communities is not about bricks and mortar but people. At centre stage are not only our customers, but also local authorities responsible for delivering new housing and local people, including those for whom new development may not always be welcome.

We bring the mindset and skills to facilitate honest engagement, which requires a commitment to build relationships: to listen and respond genuinely and to help create and implement a shared vision in tune with local need and expectations - always accepting that not everyone can be satisfied.

Our Stakeholders

Balancing Interests Through Engagement and Partnership
Suppliers and Contractors
Zero Carbon Hub (ZCH)
External Benchmarks
Industry Groups
External Experts
Local Authorities and Communities
Development Partners

How we Identify Material Issues

We regularly review and prioritise material issues to ensure that our sustainability approach aligns with our business strategy, integrates the feedback from our Stakeholders and takes into account the most significant risks and opportunities.

Consulting widely
within the Company
Mapping sustainability risks and opportunities
Creating a framework of material topics
Opinions, insights and challenges offered by key stakeholders
Internal business and industry knowledge combined with sustainability know-how
Insights from our participation in the NextGeneration benchmarking initiative
Technical expertise from external advisors and partners
Good practice guidelines from industry bodies and trade organisations
The Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) sustainability indicators
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