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Climate Change and Environment

Global population growth is estimated to peak around 2080, with around 9 billion people inhabiting Earth. Two thirds of all these people will live in cities.

A low carbon built environment has never been more important



(2011: 7.5% reduction)

Across the Company, we are continuing to introduce new ways to address climate change, from leaner, smarter working practices to designing new, energy efficient homes and finding effective ways to help our customers cut their own energy costs and carbon footprint.

We're targeting a 25% reduction in our own carbon emissions by 2020 (over 2007 levels) and still showing year-on-year reduction.

We have huge challenges - not least decoupling growth from resource consumption and developing effective strategies for climate change adaptation. We further reduced waste sent to landfill dropping to 6% in 2012: (2011: 11%). But we know that the answer is actually not to generate it in the first place. Our carbon footprint and performance can be viewed in Our annual sustainability report.

Crest Nicholson has transformed its own supply chains and internal processes to create integrated teamworking and collaborative learning circles. The change process has resource management, waste elimination, efficiency, smooth and safe site transformation and construction, and value creation at its heart for all. Critically, it has the home occupier as the focus of every step.

As the climate changes, ecology and wildlife habitats can be the first to suffer. That’s why we only source sustainable timber, and always ensure we safeguard the ecology when we develop sites.

At Empress Heights in Southhampton, we eliminated over-design with teamwork. We saved:

  • 2,550 man hours
  • 216 deliveries
  • £750,000 on overall costs, which also reduced overall carbon emissions

Over 99% of our directly supplied timber is audited to a sustainable source

Global Forest and Trade

Researching fabric first design to give customers low energy bills and a modern lifestyle

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