Crest Nicholson has donated £2,000 to Rosedale Sports Club on Andrews Lane, in order to help them purchase a much-needed defibrillator for the Sports Club.  

Crest Nicholson has a long-standing relationship with Rosedale Sports Club, which consists of Cheshunt Rugby Club, Waltham Cross Rosedale Cricket Club and Rosedale Bowls Club, and has acted as a sponsor for two years. In recent years, the award winning housebuilder has donated significant funds to the club, with money going towards the purchase of club shirts for players as well as the general running of the club.

The defibrillator is a life-saving piece of equipment which can help counter instances of cardiac arrest, it works by using a high-voltage to pass an electric current through the heart so it's shocked into working normally again. Given the physical nature of sports such as rugby, cricket and bowls this sort of equipment is considered a vital asset for sports clubs across the UK. 

Peter Diffley, Managing Director at Crest Nicholson Eastern, said: “We’re delighted to continue to sponsor Rosedale Sports Club. As responsible housebuilders we believe in supporting and nurturing the local community in the areas in which we develop our houses. Rosedale Sports Club is at the heart of the Cheshunt area, home to our Sovereign Gate development.”

Geoff Hayden, Director at Rosedale Sports Club, said: “The donation from Crest Nicholson is fantastic news for the Rosedale Sports Club members and the surrounding community. The donation has enabled the club to purchase a defibrillator and an external display case, along with training for staff and members to use the defibrillator. The club was shocked last year with the sudden death of David Lawton whilst playing a bowls match. The club hopes that with the purchase of the new first aid equipment, any future incidents of cardiac arrest in or around the Rosedale Sports club can be treated quickly and given every chance of survival.”

Crest Nicholson’s current development, Sovereign Gate, is located adjacent to Rosedale Sports Club. For more information please visit: