A recent report has revealed the savings that workers can make by moving out of central London to an outlying commuter town. The report estimates that the commute to and from Milton Keynes could save workers an average of £418,000 on the price of a property[i].


With the opportunity to get better value for money and a smaller mortgage, more people than ever are cashing in their assets and moving to commuter towns. Testament to this is Oakgrove Village, Crest Nicholson’s development in Milton Keynes, which continues to prove popular with former London residents looking to save money on their property.


Susan Young, Sales and Marketing Director, Crest Nicholson Regeneration, comments: “With London property prices continuing in the ascendant, we are seeing more and more interest from people who’ve realised that they can make huge savings by moving out of the Capital. In doing so they free up some extra cash which means that they can really enjoy life on a weekend. Even with the increase in travel costs, for most people moving out of London enables then to live a much more affordable and consequently enjoyable lifestyle.


“Whilst the commute is obviously more expensive than within central London, that is more than offset by the lower property prices - the fact is that people are usually able to upgrade to a bigger property and still save money, even after they’ve bought an annual season ticket.


“Often one of the big drivers to move is schooling. With competition for places fierce at the best of times, especially in central London, one of the big attractions for people purchasing at Oakgrove is the fact that the development is located across the road from Oakgrove School, arguably Milton Keynes’ best secondary school. The real bonus for parents is that all pupils attending the primary school that will open on-site at Oakgrove Village in 2016 will be guaranteed a place at Oakgrove School when they are at the appropriate age.”


Oakgrove Village doesn’t only offer residents a beautiful home, but also the opportunity to be part of a burgeoning new community. The development is fully equipped with a network of amenities, including a large new Waitrose supermarket, a Costa Coffee and a Metro bank. The development has been designed to be pedestrian and bicycle friend and is criss-crossed with walking cycle paths linking to Milton Keynes’ well-established Redway routes.


Adjacent to the development, Ouzel Valley Park has picnic areas, sailing, canoeing, kayaking, power boat racing and windsurfing on its two lakes, making Oakgrove Village the perfect choice for those looking to enjoy an active lifestyle. Residents also benefit from the fact that all the family-friendly attractions of Milton Keynes are right on the doorstep.


Four-bedroom homes at Oakgrove Village are available from £415,000 or from £332,000 with Help to Buy. Five-bedroom houses are available from £495,000 or from £396,000 with Help to Buy. For more information or to book an appointment with Crest Nicholson’s sales team, please call 0870 758 0430 or visit www.crestnicholson.com/oakgrovevillage.

[i] Survey by Lloyds Banking Group