Horizon Scanning

Horizon scanning enables the business to take a strategic and long-term ambitious view that will drive sustainable business value.

We research and explore longer term challenges and opportunities to help the business to take a strategic and ambitious view that will drive sustainable business value.

To support the implementation of our business strategy, we continue to research and explore emerging longer term challenges and opportunities for Crest Nicholson in a number of key areas. Five work streams were put in place to oversee our work in these areas and put in place initiatives that will drive sustainable business value across the company.

Click on any of our five work streams to find out more about our key areas of research and the workstreams’ work to date.

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Creating great places to live

To truly create a great place to live, we must consider many elements, from quality planning and design, access to amenities and nature, landscaping, good connectivity, to future housing needs and long-term management structures. These elements blend together to support sustainable lifestyles and well-being, and create long-term value for society. The work stream is reviewing how Group principles and practices can be consistently applied regardless of the local environment and context, and putting in place arrangements that will deliver an affordable and reliable legacy, as well as working with stakeholders to evolve our Garden Village concept.

Responding to trends and Customer needs

The world is rapidly changing and we must ensure that our homes work for our customers' lifestyles today and in the future. The workstream is aiming to design new forms of housing to address changing markets needs and lifestyles. This has started with exploring potential future housing systems and customer expectations. The next step will be to work with selected architects and suppliers to create new housing concepts where the use of space and technology will enhance the quality and responsiveness of the living environment. To find out more, read Research & Innovation.

New business and channels to market

As a business we have a strategy of managed growth. One of the key components of our growth strategy is exploring new business models and channels to markets, including innovative Private Rental Sector products and homes that meet the needs of an ageing population. To find out more, read our case study and Customer Focus.

Supply Chain

Following the economic downturn, the construction industry is struggling to keep pace with the resurgence in productivity. There is a shortage in both key materials (like bricks and blocks) and skilled labour, and we must reduce our reliance on scarce and unsustainable natural resources. This work stream is looking at future capacity constraints and levels of innovation in the supply chain, including considering the future impact of regulation on design, components and materials use. A major area of exploration is off-site manufacturing techniques to minimise reliance on a stretched supply chain.

Organisational learning and improvement

In order to respond to the numerous drivers that affect us we must foster a culture of continuous learning and improvement that helps to build our intellectual capital and knowledge bank. This work stream is working to develop and embed formal and informal mechanisms of monitoring, evaluation, feedback and learning, targeting greater efficiency and innovation, reduced costs, and higher employee satisfaction, motivation and retention. Find out more about how we’re learning to become a learning organisation in our Integrated Report.

Underpinning all five work streams are three core principles: partnership working, respecting environmental limits, and a culture of innovation.

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