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Engagement and Partnership

Building true partnerships based on trust and shared values.

After many year of undersupply in the UK, housebuilding has steadily been increasing over the past four years. But as a nation we continue to suffer from a housing shortage. The industry has only managed to deliver 54% of the new homes required in England and 34% in London.

But it’s not just about increasing the number of homes we build; we also want to ensure that our homes are affordable and built to the highest standard of design and quality, efficiency, and wellbeing.

Driving the Agenda

We have been playing our part to help shape the future of housebuilding in the UK by actively working to respond to market dynamics, engaging with government and industry bodies, and addressing supply chain constraints. 

Our Board members, Executive and other senior management regularly advise government bodies, such as the Department for Communities and Local Government and the Department of Energy and Climate Change, and also sit on key industry task groups, such as the Home Builders’ Federation and the Homes & Community Agency. We also actively support and partner with organisations in and around the industry, including the UK-Green Building Council and the NHBC.

In 2014, our Group Technical and Quality Director was seconded to the Zero Carbon Hub to lead the review into the current performance gap in meeting design intent across the industry. This led to a published report by the Zero Carbon Hub called Closing the Gap between Design and As-Built Performance.

We participate in benchmarks and indices such as NextGeneration and the FTSE4Good, demonstrating our sector leadership through consistently high scores. In 2015, we topped the NextGeneration benchmark as the most sustainable housebuilder of the top 25 largest housebuilders in the UK. We also maintained our position in FTSE4Good ranking in the 86th percentile.

Being a Delivery Partner of Choice

We aim to be a delivery partner of choice for local authorities and the public sector as well as suppliers and subcontractors.
There is a lot of competition in the market, both for the public sector selecting development partners and developers in procuring skilled labour and materials. We believe that our vision and approach to creating real value for our stakeholders and integrating sustainability through all aspects of our decision-making sets us apart. For example, we are working with the Homes and Communities Agency to deliver the fourth phase of our regeneration project at Centenary Quay as well as working with the Defence Infrastructure Organisation (DIO) as lead developer at the former airfield at RAF Wyton in Cambridgeshire.

We are also looking at how we partner with the supply chain, working to build strategic relationships that allow us to bring suppliers into our processes earlier for better teamwork, knowledge-sharing and planning.  We have developed different types of strategic supplier agreements that respond to different needs – from providing consultancy services to materials supply and subcontractor labour. These types of solutions provide us and our suppliers with stability and security and create better long-term relationships

To find out more about how we partner and engage with our stakeholders, please take a look at our Integrated Report.


Park Central

Creating value through positive partnering

Read about how the positive partnership between Crest Nicholson Regeneration, Birmingham City Council and Optima Community Association contributed to the success of Park Central community in Birmingham.

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In briefWorking with our supply chain to benefit customers
Working with our supply chain to benefit customers

Homes built today incorporate new technologies and design features to make sure that customers can enjoy a comfortable and attractive living space that is both efficient to run and supports their health and wellbeing. Highly efficient heating and ventilation systems are good examples of this. Despite designing these systems to be energy efficient, there can be challenges in the commissioning process and how customers use these new technologies.

In order to overcome these challenges, we have collaborated with our suppliers in two ways. First, we have developed a clear and visual commissioning manual for our Site Managers to follow to ensure that the heating, hot water and ventilation settings are set up optimally prior to our customers moving into their new home. Second, we have worked with our ventilation manufacturers to design easy-to-read one page documents that explain to customers, in plain English, how to best use the system to optimise comfort and efficiency. These are now included in our Home Owner’s Guide.

Realising potential with the Ministry of Defence
Realising potential with the Ministry of Defence

We were selected by the Defence Infrastructure Organisation (DIO) as Development Manager to redevelop two large schemes, one on the site of the former Arborfield Garrison in Berkshire, and the other on a former airfield at RAF Wyton in Cambridgeshire. Our role is to create the overall vision for the developments and fund and manage the planning, infrastructure and land sales on behalf of the DIO.

We will also be building up to half of the planned 4,500 homes at each site. Both developments will be designed using our Garden Village principles and provide local residents with new schools, shops, and good public transportation links.

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