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Training and Development

We understand that to ensure long term business growth and success it is essential to have a work force with the right skills, knowledge and expertise; that’s why we have a real commitment to developing our team through tailored training programmes and succession planning.

Whether you are just starting your career or are already working your way up the career ladder we will support you in your role and help to develop and nurture your skill sets. To do this we have developed a bespoke programme 'Delivering Professional Excellence'.

Delivering Professional Excellence

This comprehensive training programme aims to give all employees the opportunity to review and discuss their performance, career aspirations and training requirements in order to achieve their and the company’s ambitions. We recognise that training solutions need to be easily accessible and highly relevant to individual needs. In order to meet both of these requirements development is focused on two key areas: Professional skills and management attributes, and Technical skills and qualifications.

Within the umbrella for DPE the business is also committed to the development of industry specific skills for our Sales Advisors and Site Managers. In order to provide our customer with the best service and quality of homes our team are given specialised training namely Promoting Sales Excellence and Site Management Academy.


Customer Experience Awards

Our annual Customer Experience Awards recognise the very best of our talent across our Site Management, Apprenticeship, Sales and Customer Service teams, alongside awarding a divisional winner for those who have really demonstrated that they go the extra mile in order to deliver the very best experience for our customers.

We invest heavily in training and development opportunities for all our staff. This approach and our commitment to being a leading housebuilder demonstrates our desire to succeed and be the very best we can be.




Promoting Sales Excellence

This award winning training programme is a framework that’s specifically designed to provide a clear, sign-posted pathway to development and progression for Crest Nicholson Sales Advisors. It equips our Sales Advisors with the skills required to achieve sales and to support our customers throughout the buying process. The programme incorporates a bespoke suite of training options and nationally recognised ISMM sales training qualifications.

What our Sales Advisors think

Danielle Wansbrough
Sales Manager

I was keen to join the Crest Nicholson team because the training and career progression offered appealed to me. During my first six months at Crest Nicholson, my Sales Manager and I sat down to discuss my career aspirations, and together we set out goals in line with the PSE framework in order to help me achieve these.

The PSE programme has clear milestones, which I felt made each stage an achievable target, and kept me motivated and focused on working through it up to Gold Sales Advisor, then on to Sales Manager. The ISMM element of the PSE programme allowed me to develop myself in areas that I thought I would benefit from most, and as part of this, the projects I worked on allowed me to understand parts of a Sales Managers role that I otherwise wouldn’t have.

As a Sales Advisor working through the PSE, I always felt like I had the full support of my Sales Manager & Sales Director, who had both started out as Sales Advisors for Crest Nicholson themselves, and this was evident when they nominated me for the Customer Experience Awards this year, where I went on to win the Gold Sales Advisor of the Year award.


Home Building Skills Pledge

Crest Nicholson is a signatory of the Home Building Skills Pledge, an initiative from the Home Builder's Federation (HBF) and its Home Building Skills Partnership, in recognition of the need for industry to work together to recruit and train more people to the highest standards. We recognise the importance of future proofing our workforce skills – via new entry routes as well as developing our existing talent - so that we can build quality homes where and when we need them.

As a signatory of the pledge, Crest Nicholson is committed to tackling the industry skills gap through a set of five key actions:

1. Collaborate and share

We will work with the industry to share best practice across attraction, recruitment and skills development;

2. Train to a standard

We are committed to ensuring that all of our workforce are trained and qualified to a recognised industry standard that equips them with the skills and experiences needed for their roles, meets our business needs and fosters a more positive working environment;

3. Engage and support

We will lead by example by committing to train all our recruits to the industry standards being developed for their roles, and actively support our sub-contractors to do the same on an ongoing basis;

4. Champion diversity and inclusion

We are committed to recruiting a more diverse workforce to assist in improving the skills gap facing our industry, ensure breadth of thinking and that the sector is recognised for being inclusive and progressive;

5. Promote careers

We are committed to promoting home building as a primary career choice with well understood career paths, exceptional training, qualifications and prospects, through the way we attract and actively develop our workforce.

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