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Investor Relations

Values and Behaviour

Our Mission Statement governs our approach to crucial issues such as business ethics, behaviour, health and safety and sustainability. These Values are communicated to all employees, and we have a suite of policies (internal and external) which detail how we expect our people to behave.

Crest Nicholson requires that all employees conduct business legally and within a clear ethical framework. This framework is clearly set out within our Human Resource Policies which cover:

  1. Values & Behaviour
  2. Equality & Diversity
  3. Communication
  4. Occupational Health & Safety
  5. Anti Bribery & Corruption

Values and Behaviour

This covers Crest Nicholson's standards of conduct towards each other and our stakeholders. Crest Nicholson does not tolerate discrimination, dishonesty or unethical behaviour in any form, and has appropriate disciplinary, and secure confidential whistle blowing, mechanisms in place.


Equality and Diversity

Crest Nicholson values equality and diversity in employment and we select and promote employees based on their aptitudes and abilities, not their sex, sexual orientation, marital status, race, nationality, ethnic or national origin, age or disability. Everyone is different and has something unique to offer. Our Equality and Diversity Policy ensures that all employees and job applicants are accorded equal opportunities for recruitment, remuneration, access to benefits, training and promotion, together with an on-going emphasis on monitoring and developing the diversity of our workforce. We recognise the benefits of a diverse workforce and pro-actively seek to create and maintain a balanced workforce at all levels and across all divisions. Workplace discrimination or harassment will not be tolerated and will be handled under our disciplinary and grievance procedures.
We monitor exit interview information and our annual turnover and report the diversity breakdown of our staff in our annual report and in internal monthly management reports. Our Equality and Diversity policy is reviewed and up-dated regularly and is available here.


Crest Nicholson's values, policies and procedures form part of its formal contract with employees, both permanent and temporary.

Policies and procedures are reviewed and approved by the Executive Management team and are communicated using appropriate media, including the Company intranet.

Staff engagement is important to Crest Nicholson. Information and changes that the Company wishes to communicate (including trading updates) are disseminated via various media as appropriate to the message, such as departmental briefings, road shows and one on one meetings, plus the Company intranet.


Occupational Health & Safety

This policy augments our health & safety policy, and covers the safety of our employees while they carry out their roles plus the promotion of general health & welfare. Access to private medical insurance is available to all permanent employees, along with a comprehensive Employee Assistance Programme which provides guidance and help for a wide range of issues at work and at home. A confidential Helpline and professional Stress Counselling services are provided.


Anti Bribery and Corruption

In keep with the Bribery Act 2010, Crest Nicholson operates and maintains a number of policies and procedures to prevent bribery and corruption, including an anti-bribery and corruption policy, a gifts and entertainment policy and guidance around bribery risk areas. The Anti-Bribery and Corruption Policy sets out a clear code of conduct for employees and supply chain partners to ensure they understand and conduct themselves in accordance with the legal regulations relating to bribery and corruption.  Staff receive ongoing training on the Group’s policies in this area and the Act generally. Our policy is available to view here.



A wide range of legislation governs housing development, including Building Regulations, advertising and marketing, health and safety, environmental management and employment practices. In many cases we go well beyond compliance requirements, setting our own internal high standards. Please see our Annual Integrated Report for a summary of how we operate in compliance with prevailing laws and regulations.

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